Who Loves the Sun

Who Loves the Sun

A man (Lukas Haas) encounters a childhood friend (Adam Scott) who had an affair with his wife (Molly Parker) five years earlier.

A troubled young man's sudden return after a mysterious five-year disappearance reunites him with his wife and his best friend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave J (fr) wrote: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 (2011) Puncture DRAMA One of the advantages about watching movies at home is that you're able to use your fast-forward button while playing on scenes that are somewhat deemed to be unnecessary, and that even as a result of doing that on here it's still a better movie to watch than a fine portion of John Grisham movie adaptions. The scenes I didn't care about too much are the drug use sequences which the central character was using. I also want to say that it's sometimes a fresh change to also see that lawyers are imperfect people too which is what we don't often see from many court room adaptions. The movie based on fact, centering on the number of accidental needle sticks happening throughout many hospitals all across the United States when those incidents can be avoided if safety point syringes were used instead. What is keeping these 'safety syringes' from going into our hospitals one may ask. It is the bureaucracy and pharmaceutical companies that exist to prevent that from happening. At the beginning, the movie focuses on an unwanted situation where a long time faithful ER nurse accidently pricks herself with a contaminated needle. Because she is unable to work anymore and is receiving WCB, she then notifies a small law firm called 'Danziger & Weiss'. From there it is when the two lawyers of Paul Danziger(Mark Kassen) and Mike Weiss (Chris Evans) take over the film which they initially didn't want to do had it not been Mike Weiss craving for a huge payoff. He also happens to be a frequent drug user and is unfaithful as a husband. Weiss may be the epitome of the guy you don't want as your lawyer, but what he does on his personal life doesn't seem to affect what he does during the courtroom since he does have a consistent record. But by the time he takes on this, it would almost seemed impossible since he's going after pharmaceutical giants. Viewers are then introduced to the 'rules and regulations' upon submitting any product to hospitals to use, which is something I had never seen before. We're also shown what can happened if a safety product is intervened into hospitals and why the system has to change. That it would require the involvement of the senate for anything to take action since "money" has always been the main objective and not so much on the safety and health of others. Since popular novelist John Grisham has made court movies popular again, I have to say this is probably by far the best movie about court proceedings I had ever saw, since it's not only insightful but is also based on fact. This is not your typical pretentious courtroom drama as it's based on actual people- better than 'Erin Brocovich' and 'Michael Clayton'- two movies raved by critics because it's so polished and that the characters are black and white. It is what we see from Perry Mason and from John Grisham movie adaptions which does not reflect what happens in real life. We need to see more movies such as this. 3 out of 4 stars

Susan R (jp) wrote: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie! It really resonated with my heart and I just completely understood the psychology behind both characters and the purity of their love. It's not the typical Bollywood movie, but the dialouge, the longing glances, the heart-throbbing music really blended well together in creating a fine movie. Only Amitabh Bachchan could have pulled off such an amazing performance. He never made me feel disgusted for wanting such a woman that was his daughter's age. Their relationship was so classy and genuine. Jiah Khan was hard to like at first, but as I watched the movie over again and again, I grew to like her and her fiesty attitude. In many ways, I resemble her and her cute facial expressions and in acting like a child. But the chemistry between the two characters was undeniable and it really gives a different spin on what falling in love is all about and how love is perceived by others. The ending really was a shocker and at the same time heartbreaking in the sense that there are times in life where memories are the best gifts that a person can be blessed with. My eyes teared up in the end as I myself can empathize with the power of memories and how intensely a person holds on to them, as if they are the breath to life itself.

Ethan G (kr) wrote: This movie is sick and twisted and utterly insane. No doubt, a cheap knockoff of box office smash hit Grenlins. This film is a mess. It sucks. The script is dull and flat. The acting is so low-key and the settings are incredibley so un-imaginitave.

Jared T (mx) wrote: A Sci-FI film like no other has a witty script and awesome takes on a futuristic world. Godard creates the perfect perfect world run by a computer trying to stop Lemmy Caution.

steve s (au) wrote: This is my all time favorite movie. I enjoy the music. I love the Romantic story lines.

Tristan M (jp) wrote: Deep interesting movie, that requires a good amount of attention to get all the details. Has a good lead actor, who like the rest performs very well. I didn't fully know what the plot was until I saw the movie, but heard it was good so thought why not. The pace is what I would call 'calm' not slow and not particularly fast. It is steady and let's us take in all the details of the plot, and is interesting overall. The ending isn't the typical everyone wins that is predicted, but the right thing is done and is satisfying at least. Overall good movie, don't have much to say about it but is well done, enjoyable and recommended.

Harry B (de) wrote: Not bad. Enjoyed it a lot more then I thought I would.

Charlie M (de) wrote: More of the same in this uninspired sequel that takes this Griswold family to Europe after they win a game show. Nothing new here just more sight gags and slapstick.

John R (gb) wrote: 110424: Pretty good action. Intrigued by Issacs (Tom Hollander) but a little let down by his quick death. It's ok.140809: Much weaker this time. Dropped it to 3 stars. Story just ho hum, nothing new, nothing exciting really. Some good action as stated before but that's about it. Felt no passion for any of the characters.