Who Made the Potatoe Salad?

Who Made the Potatoe Salad?

An urban romantic comedy about a young San Diego policeman who travels to Los Angeles with his fiance to meet her dysfunctional family and announce their engagement.

An urban romantic comedy about a young San Diego policeman who travels to Los Angeles with his fiancée to meet her dysfunctional family and announce their engagement. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abdulmalik A (us) wrote: It's an unshowy, quietly intense drama. Gripping and tightly focused.

General V (br) wrote: Excellent film. Not an entirely original plot idea (Alien Nation springs to mind) but certainly more original than most sci-fi. Innovative filming style. Very realistic on the whole. Funny in places but never cheesy.The visual style of the film seems to be very much inspired by Half-Life 2, which is interesting, because that usually happens the other way round, with films influencing computer games.Overall I'd thoroughly recommend District 9.

ToMariah S (de) wrote: 5 stars just for the courage to make it, and for the importance of being critical and questioning organised religion

Cathy C (it) wrote: Oh my Smurfs! This movie has an awkward story that's Really bad. However,the animation and neat comedic characters settle the deal. Review by Logan Cornn.

Rachel M (ru) wrote: i'm interested in LGBT movies NOT MUCH. but this movie was good b/c it showed how gay people struggle to share their secrete to their friends and their family. and some families still love them.

Anna Margarethe O (de) wrote: Slice-of life comedy about a Mexican-American chef and his independent-minded 3 daughters.

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Joel A (ru) wrote: A film I had heard so much about & once finally getting around too it....I was less than impressed.It had some good dialogue scenes here & there but the film was dull & lacked interest.Mickey Rourke was by far the stand our he truly is a great actor. But the film just got bland quickly & just seemingly went nowhere.

Khaled M (ag) wrote: From "Hostel" Director, another disturbing gruesome movie but not as good as the previous ones.

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