Who Pulled the Plug?

Who Pulled the Plug?

To secure an order for 1 000 cruise ships from an Arab prince, two companies have to compete by racing each other by canal from Stockholm to Gothenburg. A small family owned company on the brink of bankruptcy is pitted against their major competitor and they both have to resort to dirty tricks in order to reach the goal line first. Plot by Mattias Thuresson.

To get an order for 1,000 yachts from a middle-east sheik, two boat companies have to race 'Göta Kanal', a canal through Sweden, east to west. There are no rules in this game and the winner gets the order. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Courtney K (es) wrote: whaaaaaaaat? it's pretty predictable all the way up to the end. i don't really know what that ending was, to be honest.

Venkatesh G (jp) wrote: A well written screenplay is the hallmark for the success of this film. The rustic simplicity, good direction by Pandiraj along with an awesome cast of kids makes this film a must watch for all....even non-tamil speaking viewers. The DVD comes with subtitles.Premkumar's cinematography takes up close to the myriad 8 yrs old characters in the film.Though the editing seems highly influenced by south american cinema, you pretty much tend to ignore the repeat shots... I wont be surprised when a Hindi remake of the same story is produced again.

Austin C (br) wrote: Barbies and ****ed up fairies, oh my!

Robert F (de) wrote: Surprisingly frank and irreverent.

Eric H (de) wrote: I never felt so strongly compelled to save innocent viewers from wasting their money and precious time. I watched this film in its entirety ::hangs head in shame:: and truly cannot fathom how this movie ever got produced. The acting was awful. The writing was non-existent. The filmography was not even good enough to be described as amateurish. For the life of me, I cannot decide which was worse, the acting, writing, production or filmography. I can only assume that those who wrote a favorable review must have been on the production staff.

Ro G (ag) wrote: This is the kind of film that you can only truly appreciate, i think, if you have some knowledge of the SM world. Some nice moments, especially Peter's facial expression when learning how to pleasure a woman and the gobbling session. Classic! Witty, poignant and a really fun watch. 5 stars.

Diane T (es) wrote: Whilst it's heartbreaking what Phoolan Devi goes through, it's a really good film which opens your eyes!

Andrew L (ag) wrote: It's weird watching this film because you know so many of these people weather they are in your life constantly and a one time meeting. I think that's where the comedy comes from. We're all slackers in someway or another and this film is the tale of all of them, weather its us or someone you know.

Marina N (es) wrote: Heard "the way he makes me feel" on a music channel and felt intrigued to watch the whole movie - something I wanted to do before but have been delaying again and again. Barbra totally shines in this role and her voice is just perfect. So much emotion and feelings that she definitely reached my heart. It's romance combined with a message. Don't accept the status quo only because you're told so. A classic.

JJ J (mx) wrote: Robert Redford in tight jeans ... need I say more? Classic cold war shenanigans (*^o^*)

Inta K (us) wrote: pretty good action movie

Ben V (us) wrote: This movie is definitely not the Lion King

Luke H (gb) wrote: It was good, but tame by today's standards

Iggy A (gb) wrote: I enjoyed the film when it came out on video and thought it should have been better known and well-received. Maybe it was too pretentious. With a title like "The Adventure Begins..." But, I think its an enjoyable time. Just don't expect to be more than it is - especially in today's CGI super-duper superheros... Joel Gray as a miniature martial arts master with bad sense of humor and ego 10X his size would not have worked even in Michael Keaton's 1980s Batman, but he made this film something special...

Eric M (nl) wrote: It falls off sharply in its last act, which gets unfortunately unfunny, but the first two acts are satirical hilarity of NASCAR at its finest.

Dane T (fr) wrote: Convoluted but amiable enough.