Who's Got the Action?

Who's Got the Action?

A lawyer begins to win after his wife secretly becomes his bookie to save their money.

A hunch horse-player's marriage is threatened by his betting ways; in desperation, his wife becomes his bookie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos I (es) wrote: Formulaic true story, but it tells an important story and does it entertainingly. It's uplifting and heartwarming.

Evan K (it) wrote: Good adaptation. Great casting.

Darian T (nl) wrote: I am slightly underwhelmed by this sequel. That said, it's actually not as bad as my rating would suggest--feels closer to a 3 or 4. I'm just not in the core target audience (as if that's a valid excuse!)==============Script/Direction: BExtremely predictable plot, at least for me. The laughs are hit and miss. I think it lacks excitement.Cast/Voice-Acting: C+I really dislike the voice of the protagonist; sounds a lot older than he looks, and has an off-putting nasal quality to it. The protagonist's mother also has a very affected/weird manner of speech and accent.Animation/Visuals: AIt's nice, but...I don't know, I don't feel as impressed as I feel I ought to be.Bonus: 0Count me out for Part 3. I can probably already guess how it will be like.

Brian K (jp) wrote: Awesome cast. The movie has issues but really all of that is besides the point because every actor in this movie is great.

Skilled S (au) wrote: Funny and interesting megamind is a way to view a villains perspective

Cally M (mx) wrote: It got me. I always see it coming, but this one got me. Got me good.

Bannan i (jp) wrote: I think I'm being generous, but come on this was just TERRIBLE.

Matthew C (it) wrote: This made for TV version of the brain breaking classic science fiction novel for kids is a heartfelt attempt, but mostly a failure. Something is missing. Not sure just what, but there's an essential something the book has that this film doesn't. It's not a bad movie. Just a disappointing adaptation.

Blind P (us) wrote: Philosopher dishwashers travel the country seraching for epiphany, only to find love is the answer. Need we say more?

intuciic (fr) wrote: pretty good story and performance!

Jeff B (jp) wrote: Of course the music videos are really the highlight here, but I like the feeling of the documentary, in general. It seems like this is a nightmare Tim Robbins' might have had, somebody abusing the image of the 60's (and icon Bob Dylan) for a conservative message.

alex f (br) wrote: i love these films... take a really shitty movie, add as many pairs of tits as possible, then throw in 80's pranks and you've got a worthy watch.love the way it ends.

Scott W (mx) wrote: Classy horror thriller from Hammer has sumptuous sets and photography, an excellent cast and some really gruesome murder scenes, especially that of the poor maid slashed with a broken mirror.

Matthew S (es) wrote: Aside from being an oddly effective experimental film, Godard's movie not only captures the mood of a generation in 1968 --- it seems to pull you back to the time. There is an odd sort of cinematic alchemy going on here.

Tyler R (it) wrote: It was ok. I laughed I few times. I find Tracy Morgan more annoying then he is funny. I felt bad for Bruce Willis.

Aaron G (nl) wrote: The best comedy ever made.

Christopher E (ru) wrote: "The Spectacular Now" is yet another insightful, coming of age story that manages to feel real in every way possible. "The Spectacular Now" follows the story of a young boy who's always been the life of the party. He would often live in the present, and didn't see too much in his future. After losing his girlfriend, he wakes up one morning on the lawn of a young, innocent girl. Through this girl, he learns that although the present is beautiful, there's something better waiting for you in the near future that's just as bright.I've now watched this movie twice but the first time I watched this movie, I didn't really appreciate it that much. Re-watching it again last night with new eyes helped me realize just how amazing this movie is, and why it's one of the top films of 2013.I want to start out by saying just how insightful and inspiring this film is. This is one of the most genuinely real films I've seen in a while, and there's not one aspect of it that felt like Hollywood. Everything felt real, from the acting to the screenplay, which made this movie that much more heart warming. When I say that this movie felt real, that means that this felt like an actual scenario that real people are living through. The dialogue sounds like things they would actually say and the personalities of the characters feel really real. They don't seem over exaggerated or glamorized, but rather, everyday people. There will be plenty of ways you can relate to this movie, and I was touched throughout.In this movie holds one of the best upcoming actors of this generation in Miles Teller. He has a few movies under his belt, but my favorite one by far is "Whiplash". In fact, it's my favorite movie of all time. So to say he has more than a couple critically acclaimed movies under his belt is satisfying, and he showed why he should be considered a great actors. He was perfect in his role, even if he just played a more sophistical, drunkard version of his characters from other films. Shailene Woodley was also a delight in her role and the two together had perfect chemistry. When they're both on screen, magic is happening and fireworks explode. This is a power duo for future screenplays and should duly be noted here. These are some of the most natural, real characters you will ever meet. I also loved the screenplay. There was nothing too crazy or mind blowing events that happened, but rather, a simple coming of age story executed perfectly. The screenplay also feels very natural and this is the very reason I like Indie films more than big productions. I say that because most of the time (not all, but most), Indie films such as this one put so much more effort into their scripts in order to really relay a message. I was a big fan of the screenplay here and I'd be happy to watch more films by the same director and/or writer.There's not much more to say, as this is a simple movie about hope and life that will manage to make you smile. In times like this, it's always important to remember to smile, because when everything feels like it's taken away from you, don't let your smile dissipate. I truly loved this movie and there was really only one flaw for me. I didn't really like the whole narration/writing an admission letter aspect for Sutter, as it felt like an easy way to shoehorn in his character development, but either way, this is a movie I recommend everyone to check out. It's one of the most real movies you can ever watch, and everyone will be able to relate. I give it a very strong 4.5 stars.