Who Wants to Kill Jessie?

Who Wants to Kill Jessie?

In this zany Czechoslovakian comedy, a scientist invents a machine that projects a sleeping person's dream on a screen; disaster soon follows when the machine malfunctions and the cartoon-like dream characters become very real!

"What if someone had an absurd dream and the visions ran out in the street?" a scientist asks Rose, a researcher who discovers a way to engender beneficial dreams (to produce contented, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marco A (gb) wrote: There is more than science can explain

Barry T (mx) wrote: A very Made for TV feel to this and not a bit scary. It could have been a bit creepier. The obvious tell tale signs are evident - dodgy estate agent, kid with 6th sense etc nothing new

Pamela R (de) wrote: Una vez me enamor de alguien. Despus de un tiempo, se march. Se fue a 2046. Pens que me esperara all, pero no pude encontrarla. No puedo dejar de preguntarme si me amaba o no. Nunca lo averig. Quizs su respuesta era como un secreto, que nadie conocera.

El M (ag) wrote: Yaaaawn. Senseless dialogue; humourless tripe.

Al P (nl) wrote: cmon Man you dont know Paul Verhoeven?

Sean C (au) wrote: Filmed one week after the completion of Sleepaway Camp II, this (literal) quickie sequel possesses neither the originality of the first film or the charm of the second. Poor pacing, neutered special effects, and a general sloppiness mar would could have developed into an interesting series.

Robert B (it) wrote: Abduction (John Orrichio, 2009)What continually amazed me, while I was watching the horrific Abduction, was that Alice and Carmine Orrichio, whom I assume are related to John Orrichio in some way (mom and dad? sister and brother-in-law?), were listed as producers on this film. What were they thinking? One would assume that Alice, at least, would have had some trouble with the storyline, which is misogynist in the extreme; this plotless mess of a movie exists for the sole purpose of showing non-consensual sex and the occasional gore scene, with a streak of not-too-well-buried racism a mile wide running straight down the middle. It's offensive in every possible way. And yet some of Orrichio's relatives were not only willing to bankroll it, but feed the cast and crew (Alice is also listed as the film's caterer). One can't help but wonder why there wasn't arsenic in the chicken salad sandwiches.What little plot there is: Process, NJ, is a small town in the middle of pretty much nowhere whose economy is based on selling illegally-harvested organs, breeding babies for adoption, and selling sex slaves to rich overseas businessmen. (We are told early on that the development of the Internet has greatly facilitated their cashflow. Haw haw haw.) Needless to say, these things don't happen in a vacuum, so the town's bed and breakfast is a black hole from which overnight guests never emerge; men end up as organ donators, while women are either tortured into submission as sex slaves or consigned to the breeding farm, where the local studs (who are on the town payroll, of course) work night and day to impregnate them. All well and good, at least by Process standards, until they recognize there's a rise in demand for mixed-race babies. Coincidentally, Bella, a Brazilian pop star (Omaida Aponte) and Donny, her African-American bodyguard (S. Freddor), stop in town. After the usual struggle-knockout gas routine, she is sent to the breeding shed, while he is offered a stud position. He's less than impressed with the setup, but when his best friend Sam (In Her Shoes' Dan Rush) comes looking for them and ends up on the town payroll, Donny is convinced by Sam's suddenly-flush bank account, flashy new car, etc. Things start getting ugly when Donny realizes one of the girls he's required to service is Bella, and he tries to find a way to get both of them out of there, assisted by the one guy in town who also seems less than thrilled with the setup-the doctor who concocts the drugs used to keep the breeders sedated (Gerry Kirschbaum).Simply put: one of the worst movies I've ever seen. The acting is terrible, the script is worthless, the camerawork is amateur. Even the soundtrack is risible, though it's by far the best thing about the movie. Perhaps the one thing Orrichio actually researched was Brazilian pop? 1/2

Joe H (ru) wrote: As with the Scarface, director Brian de Palma certifies here his talent for displaying the gangster genre at its most trite and melodramatic. A thriller masked as a moralistic cautionary tale, Carlito's Way succeeds at neither. The talented cast is all but wasted on underdeveloped, vapid, and unsympathetic characters. The script is hamfisted, the narration an abundance of exposition, and the plot contrivances unbelievable in their total disregard for common sense. At almost two and a half hours, it just feels like adding insult to injury.

Paul W (kr) wrote: Cheesie 80's flick about the world of the body beautifull in California