Whoops Apocalypse

Whoops Apocalypse

When a small British owned island in the Caribbean is invaded and the world's most dangerous terrorist kidnaps a member of the Royal family, the countdown to World War 3 begins. If anyone can prevent the oncoming apocalypse it's the American President, but her closest ally the British Prime Minister appears to have gone stark raving mad.

A British satire on the beginning of WWIII. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ching T (de) wrote: This was a very interesting film to watch. I liken it to "The Joy Luck Club" since I brought in my bi-cultural 2nd Generation experiences with me. Many of the interaction between father and daughter were very familiar to me. It was very uncomfortable to watch the honesty unravel in this film. Most people who are not familiar with the culture may find this movie slow moving and uninteresting, but this film realistically showed a very real and common relationship/communication between parents/children in the Chinese culture. Perhaps, the ones that are more Americanized are more animated and articulate. For me, it was interesting to see this movie tackle a character who had been ingrained in the Maoist doctrine and Revolution and the aftermath. I've always wondered what happened to that generation. Anyway, the movie will not gain popular support, but I found it very very enjoyable due to the subject matters it tackled.

Sakl B (nl) wrote: ohhhhhh sexxxx yyy girllls

Anita T (fr) wrote: Exceptional lead performance, baffling editing.

Sarah H (ag) wrote: Well, I wish Disney would stop "ruining a good thing". I loved Angels In The Outfield, and I was dissappointed that they would try to make another "angels" movie. This one was not all that great, or that well done. It was a fun movie, don't get me wrong, but the concept wasn't any different from the first movie, and it was sort of like watching the same movie with a few new faces all over again. I wish Disney would have left well enough alone and would not have made a sequel to this movie.

TaraAnn W (nl) wrote: Great sequel to the first House Party! Was fun to watch.

Victor M (kr) wrote: To laugh about yourself, to pretend and to dream something you won't be.Smart satyrical dialogues, great filming in B&W. It took a long time to finally watch this magnificent film.

Jeff G (ag) wrote: Simply terrible. Bad acting, bad script, bad effects, bad directing. bad score. Yuck!

Tim S (gb) wrote: I love the Amicus anthology films, and this one is better than most of them. The first and last stories are the reason to see this one. I love seeing Jack Palance pop up in it, and he gives a great performance. I really liked portions of the score as they reminded me of The Twilight Zone quite a bit. Nothing can ever top Tales From the Crypt, but this is one of the better of the omnibus films.

Mario P (ca) wrote: It was very good and I like the effects

Film C (au) wrote: It is okay but I always get pissed off by every single film sequels.

Bruno V (it) wrote: Good movie in a hot place ...fine acting by the lead-actors ! Mission completed !

PY C (mx) wrote: It's cute and entertaining in the beginning but got boring from the middle. However, Uncle Buck himself is very devoted and cool!

bloody w (nl) wrote: martin Lawrence in medieval england come on that's fucking awesome