Why Man Creates

Why Man Creates

A 1968 animation/documentary that criticises the industrial system.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:29 minutes
  • Release:1968
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  
  • Category:History
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:Fakyougo
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Saul Bass
  • Writer:Saul Bass (conceived and written by), Mayo Simon (conceived and written by)

A 1968 animation/documentary that criticises the industrial system. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Why Man Creates torrent reviews

Derek R (au) wrote: So bad its good, right up my ally.

Cille I (nl) wrote: This was a real gem.

Alyan H (fr) wrote: Laugh a minute crazyness

Will B (gb) wrote: As nostalgic as the show and this movie was to me, it could've been done a lot better. They could've slowed down the process instead of just jumping right into the action, they could've make funnier jokes, and they could at least try to connect the three different stories in this movie together.

Joey H (kr) wrote: a lil weird and diff..

Martin G (ru) wrote: I just saw this movie the other day, sorta funny and cute, fighting for the childs life and a little help from the little girl who tends to hook up her own father with another woman

Richard D (nl) wrote: A group of Yakuza are sent by their boss to Okinawa to help settle a dispute. They suspect there's something phony about the assignment, but they go anyway. When things go seriously wrong, they end up hiding out on a beach where they engage in a series of increasingly childish games and pranks ... until the plot is resolved in a series of violent outbursts. This is one of Kitano's best films. He stars as the leader of the Yakuza, a man so used to violence that he has almost completely withdrawn from life. The interlude at the beach seems to bring him back to life in a way that doesn't allow him to just go on as he had before. Kitano's style ... long slow periods of almost complete stillness punctuated by extremely abrupt bursts of violence ... is almost perfectly matched to this story.

Josh P (us) wrote: Loved it When I was a kid. I gave a lot of wondering to how the music was powerful and what the story is. It is good to the environment.

Tom C (br) wrote: Don't start watching this movie expecting another Tetsuo or you'll be disappointed. If you can watch it for what it is, a cheesy horror movie with a low budget and that classic japanese humor then you wont be disappointed.

Jim B (ru) wrote: The first half is very touching when Richard Pryor's character seems to connect emotionally with the children, and then it all of a sudden becomes a crazy slapstick caper until an abrupt end. I still like it though.

Alex r (nl) wrote: Terrence Young's Inchon has had the reputation of being one of the worst films ever made in the history of the medium. Is this movie as bad as its reputation suggests, it's not, but it is a mediocre war film with below average performances. The film is quite inaccurate and is dull and boring. This could have been a better film, one that should have been exciting and action packed. Inchon was a great success during the Korean War. I think this as a poor effort in telling of this legendary feat of military strategy. The acting is bland, and no one really stands out. This had the potential of being a grand war film by the likes of Patton, Saving Private Ryan and other WWII epics. Unfortunately it flopped big time, and you can clearly see why. The script is lacking of effective ideas to really make it a stand out film, and the cast seem bored with the material. The Inchon landing was impressive and the story behind Douglas MacArthur's dedication of his plan is truly legendary. In the movie, the invasion is quite exciting, and it stands out as the best thing about this film. The film overall has little to none interesting content, and it's a great shame because this should have been a classic. However it is remembered for only one thing, that it is among the biggest of cinema's flops. Inchon is a misfire, but like I said, the invasion sequence is entertaining, and the part of the movie where it picks up. However it's too little too late, and it doesn't make this one worth checking out. Go into this one expecting nothing remarkable. In the long run, this picture is forgettable.

Greg W (br) wrote: another babies behind bars tale

Joshua A (es) wrote: beast of a film endings amazing 10/10

Adam D (mx) wrote: Think I've seen this one