Why Me?

Why Me?

An Air Force nurse about to leave the service is badly disfigured about her face in a car accident in which she also loses her baby.

An Air Force nurse about to leave the service is badly disfigured about her face in a car accident in which she also loses her baby. Her husband cannot deal with her disfigurement and she ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gordon A (gb) wrote: Stunning sound design and unusual settings lift this revenge tale above the crowd, complemented by an electric central performance.

Miguel R (jp) wrote: While you can't deny the humor and action, The Rundown is a below average comedy action flick

Clay B (de) wrote: LAWS OF ATTRACTION (2004)

Eric M (gb) wrote: "What Dreams May Come" is a phenomenally ambitious film visually and thematically, but flounders thanks to awkward pacing, bad editing, weak dialogue and surprisingly uninspired acting from a usually excellent cast. The film plays with fascinating themes about love, marriage, the spiritual, and the afterlife, but these explorations are handled in a rather cornball, shallow fashion that never really says anything truly insightful on any of the topics presented. There are also some painfully obvious continuity errors, and one can't help but wonder if this film awkwardly had about a half an hour shaved off of it. It really is a shame, because occasionally moments of power appeal, and the references to the Divine Comedy are intriguing, but "What Dreams May Come" is all Romantic style and unfortunately little substance.

Martin D (gb) wrote: The strong anti-China beliefs of actor and political activist Richard Gere were evident in this Hitchcockian thriller that sought to expose the civil and human rights abuses of that country's legal system. Gere stars as Jack Moore, counsel to a large media conglomerate seeking to open trade relations with China, thereby delivering American television shows by satellite to the largest untapped market in the world. After an evening out at a nightclub and fashion show, Jack goes home with a beautiful model (Jessey Meng), then wakes up the next morning to discover her dead body. To his horror, Jack is accused of murdering the girl, who is revealed to have been the daughter of a high-ranking general. Assigned a court-appointed lawyer, Shen Yuelin (Bai Ling), Jack discovers that the repressive Chinese court system does not grant bail, encourages quick guilty pleas and executions, and looks upon him with disfavor for his Western moral turpitude. Finally persuading Shen that he's innocent, Jack and his lawyer embark on an investigation impeded at every turn by Chinese authorities, eventually uncovering a plot to discredit Jack and his company's entry into China.

Carl M (au) wrote: In 1994, a little piece of horror died. While it wouldn't be released in theaters for another three years due to the mindful hesitation from the film's distributor, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE NEXT GENERATION was born. Touted to be a remake of the original by TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE co-writer Kim Henkel, THE NEXT GENERATION follows all of the same action beats, but misses the point entirely. It isn't that people just don't 'get' TEXAS CHAINSAW 4, which is typically the case with the second film. It just really is as bad as everyone says. The so-called dark humor is completely lost on the audience. If there is anything worse than the unintelligible script, it is the atrocious acting. No one in the entire cast gives a shit about what they are doing. It often feels as if they were drugged and forced to act against their will, although the teens' ambivalence towards the horror that is unfolding around them earns the only guilty laugh. The hope would be that Henkel would make up for his artless production by splattering the screen with some gratuitous gore, but THE NEXT GENERATION is even more bloodless than the third film. TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 4 is universally considered to be the worst in the series, and rightfully so.-Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

Lee M (de) wrote: A movie of somewhat indulgent introspection, a confection of twentysomething ambivalence.

Lynda M (ru) wrote: A roller coaster of human emotions. There are very few films "in your face" for over 3 hours, challenging your own thoughts and feelings right through. An extra ordinary film.

Ra W (it) wrote: A great cult film. Perkins and Isabelle have such great chemistry, they're witty and opposite enough to clash perfectly. Great practical effects and score. My favorite werewolf film.