Why Men Forget

Why Men Forget

A sacked agitator inherits an ironworks, loses it by another will, and leaves his rich wife for a poor girl.

A sacked agitator inherits an ironworks, loses it by another will, and leaves his rich wife for a poor girl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (br) wrote: A not so original storyline employing various love triangles to ensure there's a plot to go around the songs. Unfortunately the music isn't up-to-much either.

Katrina C (mx) wrote: can't wait to see it.

Jose Alejandro S (fr) wrote: Excelente pelcula de Steven Soderbergh, una narracin cautivante, muy bueno lo de la cmara que diferencia la realidad de la pelcula... El acercamiento a los comportamientos humanos es genial... La forma en que el director plante el Film, es genial...

Amarjyot D (kr) wrote: Avoid it please!! Madhuri is so dead in it. rest is ok. not much chemistry.

Alex r (ca) wrote: Mediocre film that could have been good, for me, EdTV reminds me way too much of The Truman Show. This is one of the most mediocre films that Ron Howard has directed. The film has its moments, but due to a poorly thought out script, it just doesn't have anything going for it. With EdTV, you can see a director starting to lose his touch. Although, he redeemed himself with A Beautiful Mind and Cinderella Man, Ron Howard is hit and misses, and with this one, he shows signs of that. The cast were so-so. Matthew McConauhey who I find to be a decent actor wasn't good here, and Jenna Elfman was horrible. This could have been a great film, but it just ends up missing something to really make it worth seeing. This is not a memorable film. Were the film fails is the fact I felt it went all over the place in some areas. Towards the end, the film didn't what it was trying to accomplish. I thought that Ron Howard could have done a better job at directing. The film just ends up being boring, and uninteresting. This had the potential of being a great flick, but due to a poor script, it never really takes off. Nowadays with Reality TV boom, it might have worked, and actually, it would have been a better film, today because there so many stupid Reality TV shows to mock and to take inspiration from. The film has minor laughs, but unfortunately it only shows its wasted potential here, and I think it's a shame. This film could have been a great parody of Reality TV.

Guilherme N (kr) wrote: I like this hypnotizing historical and psychological frescoes.

David B (nl) wrote: this aint a comedy, like i taught it would be and its mainly really about him getting incestuous with his mother who he's looking after while she nurses a broken leg, bit fucked up really...?

Freddie F (de) wrote: Really could have used some over-the-top gore sequences, which would have propelled it to maybe a 4-star film, rather than those out-of-place fades to black. Buscemi is charming (great as always) and the other acting is funny, but the film feels lacking in a lot of places. Despite this I am glad to finally have seen it, and its a worthwhile black comedy nonetheless.

Robert I (gb) wrote: I saw this film, but I don't remember Willow and Oz being in this. Looks like I'll have to watch it again.

Dinar Sinta Augustina D (br) wrote: never tired of watching this one, watched it 4 times and will again

Tommy H (ca) wrote: Sadly, I've never understood what people found funny about Monty Python. The movies like Holy Grail make it funny, but not the show. What I do love is how it's completely random and absurd. And the characters are so proper but ridiculous. The only time I've seen it duplicated is with John Lithgow's character on 3rd Rock From The Sun. In Monty Python the roles are either oblivious or they act like serious, sophisticated actors in a movie directed by an eccentric amateur like Ed Wood. It's fantastically surreal, but like I said, I don't laugh much at it.

Robert R (kr) wrote: Boasting spectacular animation and a handful of great vocal performances, this snarky reimagining of the Superman/Lex dynamic ultimately wins over its audience.

Robert W (fr) wrote: It's a WWII propaganda film, so you pretty much know what you're going to get. But it's John Ford's flair for visuals that sets this one above similar films.