Why Not?

Why Not?

Near the turbulent end of the Edo era, a man returning to Japan after exile in America searches for his wife and becomes swept up in the current of revolution in this incisive period drama from the great Shohei Imamura.

The film depicts carnivalesque atmosphere summed up by the cry "Ee ja nai ka" ("Why not?") in Japan in 1867 and 1868 in the days leading to the Meiji Restoration. It examines the effects of the political and social upheaval of the time, and culminates in a revelrous march on the Kokyo, which turns into a massacre. Characteristically, Imamura focuses not on the leaders of the country, but on characters in the lower classes and on the fringes of society. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Why Not? torrent reviews

Grant S (ru) wrote: Very bad, but that was to be expected - it stars Vinnie Jones. Random, weak, implausible plot, haphazard direction. The whole movie just seems to revolve around the fight scenes.Wooden acting, in keeping with the z-grade nature of the movie.

Veronica N (ag) wrote: These guys are silly in the best way possible!!!!

Andrew F (ru) wrote: This film is not intended to be historical - it is not about Radio Caroline. It is nothing but a sit-com on a boat with a Sixties sound-track. It is a critique of censorship, it has that much going for it, although its criticism of British radio for not having pop music does sort of ignore the vinyl record market. In fact, thinking back, I remember hearing a lot of pop music on the radio in the mid Sixties (I'm pretty sure my parents never played Caroline!). Instead of Curtis's trademark romance we have bedroom farce inferior to any of the bedroom farces that were made in the Sixties. Tony Benn under Harold Wilson put an end to pirate radio. And again, if you want history, most the of the Caroline DJs then went over to radio 1. This film has (for laughs) Kenneth Branagh playing the man responsible as though he were Anthony Eden's most uptight minister (the stick up his arse has got a stick up its arse). Bizarrely the ending is very impressive and makes Titanic look like Carry on Sailing, which makes me almost weep for what the film could have been if Curtis's talent hadn't died with Captain Edmund Blackadder. But Curtis's comedy and romance have been, to me, lamer than Stephen Hawking since I saw 4 Weddings in 1994. If you think he's the greatest thing since sliced bread, then you'll probably love this movie.

Samantha S (it) wrote: we all have different ways of grieving, what's so difficult to understand?

Vickie V (us) wrote: Some weird effects but otherwise...boooo

Iie L (gb) wrote: i loved it very spooky and freaky just one that keeps u right on the edge ..

Jamie W (kr) wrote: A brilliant comedy, satire and, almost, pantomime, on Churchill, Hitler and an assorted cast of royal and political figures from that era. Do not watch me in kamp f.

Josh T (au) wrote: I like Bruce Campbell, but this movie was horrible. Only reason I wasted my time is because I was on a flight and had nothing better to do.

Andy C (us) wrote: I wish I had watched this a little sooner after watching "Man of Marble" but Cox only just recently made up this whole "advanced TV" thing and I don't think it would have worked back then, so thanks to Cox and Epix for putting this online so I can stop looking for it on cable and repeatedly getting updates for when "Iron Man" is on. This is not Iron Man. This is an occasionally boring film to an American simp like myself who did not live through the events of the whole Solidarity movement, but memories of the first film did come back, obviously the last scene of Man of Marble being re-used and expanded in the middle of Man of Iron in particular, and it is a pretty keen bit of filmmaking by Wajda, to be absolutely certain.

Erin W (us) wrote: One of the things that is very endearing about this movie is that it was a wonderful parody for it's time... that is still relevant today. And it is extremely funny and silly. George Hamilton did an excellent job playing Dracula, from the sexy accent to the wonderful dancing scene with Susan Saint James. The story begins when Dracula is kicked out of his home by Russian Police. After he goes to New York and falls in love with Cindy Soundheim, who he believes is his true love reincarnated. If that doesn't sound ridiculous enough her overbearing boyfriend then tries to destroy Dracula, using everything from a silver star of David to silver bullets. If you are in the mood for something light and funny and you're sick of all the melodramatic 'sparkly' vampire movies of now, then watch it. It's truly a breath of fresh hair.

Oj H (br) wrote: Was it Citizen Kane? No. Was it a solid popcorn movie? Yes it was. Funny, stupid, disrespectful, and above all... wrong. It was very entertaining and fun to watch. It was The Santa Claus and Ba News Bears but in spelling B form. In fact, it wasn't nearly as predictable as The Santa Claus, and left a few surprised/reversals to enjoy.Cinematography was very good.Acting was solid.Writing was very good(for what could have been a very predictable storyline). The character did arc, but it wasn't until the end, and left myself craving for a bit more development.Production design was solid.And the directing was very well done. It had a nicely executed polish to a rather basic approach. Very well done and I do recommend it.-87%

Ray H (es) wrote: I love Jack Black, but the wife hates him. :-( I'll see it eventually.

Eric V (es) wrote: Great music and great music performances by Prince are the obvious highlights of this film. The story surrounded it is bone bare on plot. There are a few overdramatic moments, yet the real eyebrow raiser is the last song performance to end the film. Prince does a little hand gesture dance for "I would die 4 U" that includes pointing a finger gun to the head. Quite inappropriate after watching his father lying in a hospital bed after shooting himself in the head.

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