Wicked Lake

Wicked Lake

Two clans of deranged males make the mistake of stalking four young women they assume to be easy prey, only to find out that at the stroke of midnight the tables will be turned and all hell will break loose.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   witch,   lake,  

Directed by Zach Passero, Wicked Lake is a horror film about two clans of deranged males. They make the mistake of stalking four young women they assume to be easy prey, only to find out that at the stroke of midnight the tables will be turned. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicole P (ru) wrote: I can't wait to see the lovely Katy Perry in her movie Part of me.

Antwan J J (kr) wrote: Science and religion have always never really seen eye to eye on things but they have more in common with one another than they think though the views and opinions maybe similiar they just have different ways of interpeting things i found this film to be highly interesting, quite the ingenius story kudos to cast and director

Miguel R (es) wrote: meh... one of the worst Merlin stories I have ever seen... If it wasn't for the beauty that is Laura Harris, I would never have watched more than a few minutes of it...

Mallory V (ru) wrote: okay, i get it "hit&run" but she had how many chances to call the police? what a terrible movie. anyone with half a brain wouldve called the police.

Leo L (jp) wrote: the ending is a bit of a letdown, still a pretty solid comedy, very good performance by the male lead

Matt C (jp) wrote: While this was supposed to be a beautiful story of love, I of course took the side of the father in the film. The girl was so stupid and selfish and hurt so many people especially her father and defied society all in the name of sinful personal gratification.

Justin H (it) wrote: Reading the synopsis of this film, I was hoping it would be something like H.P. Lovecraft's short story "The Rats in the Walls." I.e.: A man discovering his buried ancestry and going to track it down, ending up driven mad by the secrets he uncovers through a gripping series of unexplainable events. Instead, I found a lame, ham-fisted waste of celluloid, full of incredibly stupid characters with the emotional depth & range of a piece of particle board.From the main character, who seemed devoid of a single likable quality, to his blindly devoted wife, (I STILL can't figure out how she ever fell in love with the guy). There was the Doctor (played by Rutger Hauer of all people), who couldn't seem to drum up anything more convincing than "general disinterest" in every scene he was in. There were the townsfolk, who seemed oblivious to the concept that staying in the light = safety. And then there were the monsters, about the least-threatening bunch of mutants I've ever seen. Most of them didn't even seem to have LEGS, for crying out loud!Why then, am I giving this film two stars? Because believe it or not, I have seen worse. And actually, for the first half of the movie or so, it doesn't do a terrible job of setting up a halfway decent atmosphere. But as things go on, it just pisses all that down its leg. All the somewhat likable characters died off in the first 40 minutes or so, leaving us with "actors" that would have to aspire to be cardboard cut-outs.

Carlos I (ru) wrote: So corny, but still so much damn fun! Ahh delicious nostalgia...

Kim P (it) wrote: Can't believe I didn't see this back in my childhood years! I feel a failure as an 80's child ;D Very reminiscent in parts of Dusk til Dawn and Shaun of the Dead?! Typical cheesy 80's understated brilliance!

Private U (au) wrote: Great story, and in very historical context. Sean Penn is SO young. I want to see it again.

Drew S (ag) wrote: This is too slow too often to be any sort of cult classic, but some of the shit in here is incomprehensibly bizarre and awesome. Like...the intermittent narration about the dangers of "introducing chemicals to your body" by a man choking on his cigarette. Or having sex with a turkey-headed man. Or the same canned scream repeating itself fifteen times on end. Or the editing, which I easily could have done a better job of. Or...I don't know. I could go on forever. This is just surreal.

Desi A (ca) wrote: havent read it . it had potter in it saw i picked it

Veniea T (it) wrote: All CLASSICS are GOOD

Garrett C (us) wrote: Poses all sorts of interesting questions of love gone wrong on either side of the relationship, with some delicious lighting and cinematography complementing the action.

Barry T (it) wrote: Much against the trend here,i actually liked this film.Cage's and Yamnarm's performances were very good and showed the pain and remorse of their situations.The action sequences were well performed as well,and the ending was a good and logical finale.

Jordan F (au) wrote: A good idea but was executed poorly. However the special effects were fantastic and the monster looked amazing the first 3/4 of the film were a snooze fest with not nearly enough to keep you hooked. The last several minutes finally brought the thrills and the buckets of gore and blood.

Adam R (kr) wrote: A cheap thriller. All elements of the plot are weak, and the end is disappointing. (First and only viewing - 6/22/2015)