Wie die Karnickel

Wie die Karnickel

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A player in a famous orchestra finds sexual experiences with a Russian opera singer, which he enjoys much because his wife has just left due to the fact that he has purchased a porno movie.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eduardo R (de) wrote: Silly and not interesting at all...

Kirsty M (nl) wrote: Some intense moments but an enjoyable indie flick

Chloe C (jp) wrote: i didn't appreciate the always high-on-drugs Dujardin, i.e., not every successful copywriter or creative director is that way. everything else was ok and not an altogether unfamiliar ground in advertising.

Dennis J (au) wrote: I can understand how people may have liked this movie in 2007, but as far as watching it in 2016 this movie doesn't hold its own. In fact, there have been too many movies before, and after that play out in a much more thought-provoking way. I wasn't scared a single bit. I predicted the story and quickly became bored. I had hopes for a plot twist, or at least a better story to develop in the second half, but that didn't happen. I'll give this movie credit for its cinematography, excellent acting, and set design, but it's story almost put me to sleep.

Jim C (ca) wrote: When I was gathering my thoughts to do this review, I figured that I would lead off with something like "[i]Dopamine [/i]isn't a bad movie...". But then, the more I thought about it, I thought to myself: "well, yes it was!" There are gonna be people - the "anything if it's INDIE!" crowd - who will disagree with me on this. Which is fine. Look, [i]even though [/i]most Hollywood films are indeed pretty shallow and appeal strictly to Joe Six-Pack and [i]even though [/i]independent films are a worthy and artistic way to use film... [i]Just because [/i]it's an independent film, that doesn't make it "good". This film absolutely falls into that category. It tries to be smarter than it is and comes across sounding more like the endless quasi-intellectual banter my friend James and I used to engage in in pretentious coffee houses when we were in high school than an actual intelligent, cohesive story. The pacing is slow and tedious and I found it hard to care about the characters or this problems. And ironically enough, even though this film tries it's best to "out-indie" itself, the actual storyline is as formulaic as can be. If you want to see a film about intellectual types falling in love and discussing it "within the confines of society's artifical construct of serial monogomy", I'd prefer that you watched [i]The Shape of Things[/i]. It's not [b][i]that [/i][/b]much better, but it's more watchable and has Rachel Weisz in it to boot.

Julien L (de) wrote: The French are not all as crazy as Godard !! lol

Vanessa (nl) wrote: Emmy did such a good job singing in this movie. I was aghast when I heard her voice. lol. :D

Andy V (nl) wrote: lots of twists & turns, unbelievable kids this young can be this manipulating & controlling

Jesse M (de) wrote: Not the best of its ilk, but nevertheless a charming and funny fantasy adventure with sweeping action, groundbreaking visual fx (via 1996), a wonderful music score, and a certain purity in it's intentions. Those intentions were to simply entertain as summer popcorn films should. Dennis Quaid and Sean Connery's soul within a lovable dragon have chemistry that holds the film together so well with their double dose of charisma. The film's only weak link would be Dina Meyer as the female hero. She's never all that appealing and her acting is a step away from amateur hour. Of course no hero or heroes in this case is anything without a juicy villain in David Thewlis who revels effectively in his badness. This movie doesnt get enough recognition for its achievement in visual fx. This was practically the first film to have a fully functioning "character" made with movie magic and a legend behind the voice paving the way for memorable creations such as the gollum. Perfect family entertainment overall and satisfying for a laidback saturday afternoon.

Chris C (ag) wrote: Goofy in every sense of the word, Bushwhacked is one of Daniel Stern's less funny films but still follows through with some laughs and heart in the end.

Jori P (au) wrote: Ernlaiseksi kohokohdaksi nousee arvaamaton kokovartaloalastomuutta sisltv kohtaus ja hnen vuorosanansa tuijottavalle Scudderille: "Streetlight makes my pussy-hair glow in the dark"

Julie B (ag) wrote: Crazy story about a cop that falls for this girl whose family makes moonshine. He is stuck between doing his job and having a relationship. As he tries to hide her family, he finds it gets harder and harder to do. In the end, things don't turn out the way he was hoping. I was disappointed in how the movie was ended.

Alan H (br) wrote: Wonderful to see it on Blu-Ray. Looks good from Todd AO 65mm. Still relevant today.

David Y (gb) wrote: Good thought provoking movie.

Dan G (br) wrote: wow. i can't believe i haven't seen this movie sooner. so awesome and violent