A road trip comedy about three friends who travel across the country in a Wiener Wagon to beat up a popular daytime talk show therapist.

A road trip comedy about three friends who travel across the country in a Wiener Wagon to beat up a popular daytime talk show therapist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vicki C (it) wrote: Super sappy, but I am a total Hallmark Christmas Movie fan so watched the entire thing and found fun in the cameos by so many good ol' country stars. HCJ is always good to gaze upon. Good clean family time.

Jennifer N (au) wrote: Not as insightful as I would have hoped, but the kid (who is OBSESSED with John Linnell) enjoyed it thoroughly. Good stuff.

Asif H (es) wrote: Unusual role for Keira Knightley.

Joetaeb D (es) wrote: Lazily recycling the original's script nearly word for word, The omen remake wastes it's solid cast and production values by trying too hard to be like the original, but it just comes off as forced and uninspired.

Sean W (us) wrote: My guiltiest pleasure, the first one is dumb in a smart way and this one is just plain dumb, but I fucking love it. Eric Christian Olsen is possibly the most underrated comedic actor around. He makes me laugh at things I know I shouldn't think are funny

Jesper J (us) wrote: Shame to see such mythical airplane in such a crappy movie. Some nice flight and taxi scenes and of course liftoff but the rest is just bad special effects.

Andy L (de) wrote: one of the best films in the 70`s

John D (mx) wrote: Overall positive message and quite entertaining. Jim Carey's zanniness shines through this film. Morgan Freeman stars as the Christ figure. To make it better, i would have merged in more Dostoyevskian-style depth and narrative.

Shakira M (au) wrote: This movie can help women understand some fundamentals about football. A movie WITH a HEART. Well, played Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner. Its now, one of my favor movie about football and its players. Also, the insight of the business.

Barney o (de) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: What sticks out for me about 'The Prisoner of Askaban' is how the script and stylistic direction all just feels a little more sophisticated than in the previous two films. Everything is less goofy and on-the-nose, and that's partly down to improved performances and writing, but also Alfonso Couran's refreshing visual style and tone. Yes this is definitely the most stylish Harry Potter to date, but it also features some great characterisation for our leads (who's cast continue to excel in their roles), and a further exploration of the franchise themes.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: This time the plot itself is actually weaker than in the previous film, and whilst it takes itself on fewer annoying tangents, it fails to draw a suspenseful narrative overall. I found the whole story rather stagnant actually, and even if the source material is partly to blame for that, the filmmakers should realise that straight adaptation isn't always the best way.VERDICT: The execution is vastly improved here. It's just a shame the original foundations have less merit overall.

Carlos M (de) wrote: It may be conventional and formulaic with nearly all film clichs that Kendrick's character disdains so much (and not with the originality of the likes of The Breakfast Club), but maybe that is the point after all: to work as a solid predictable comedy. And it does so well.

Witiy S (us) wrote: I loved the movie, from the plot to the weird dark comedy. The "based on a true story" disclaimer just makes it all the more interesting, I cannot see why this has such bad ratings.