Ten years into a marriage, the wife is disappointed by the husband's lack of financial success, meaning she has to work and can't treat herself and the husband finds the wife slovenly and mean-spirited: she neither cooks not cleans particularly well and is generally disagreeable. In turn, he alternately ignores her and treats her as a servant. Neither is particularly happy, not helped by their unsatisfactory lodgers. The husband is easily seduced by an ex-colleague, a widow with a small child who needs some security, and considers leaving his wife.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1953
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

Ten years into a marriage, the wife is disappointed by the husband's lack of financial success, meaning... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin W (jp) wrote: As an Iraqi veteran myself, I generally stay away from war movies as they all seem the same. This movie boldly goes into a realm that other movies did not. The WAR for a returning military member who doesn't come home to roses and rainbows. This film hit home with me, as I too came home and went through a divorce. Most of these negative comments are from people who generally will never have to worry about any of those struggles, so I read them with a grain of salt. I give Papazian major kudos for exploring issues that Hollywood hasn't seen and doing it all in a tasteful manner. I now work with other Veterans in a transitional house who have either battled homelessness or addictions since returning home, this movie is one that I plan on showing them to let them know there is truly hope for everyone(Military or civilian). Great job and great movie. Army Pride!

Ole J (it) wrote: A weak plot, but a fun story, this is definetly mostly for the men, it could almost be a erotic voyeur flick :DThis has a lot of half naked women in well mostly lesbian sexual positions, they are all vampires because of some virus outbreak, but they don't crave blood, they want sex and since our main character is the only live man left (more or less) he's the object.The actig is about the same class as an ordinary porno flick, but this is much more fun and interesting.If it hadn't been for the women and the comedy it properbly didn't deserve any stars

Douglas L (gb) wrote: Sharp, funny, and poignant, The Trouble with Bliss puts a new spin on the age-old quandary of discovering who you are--and how to live. Michael C. Hall, Brad Henke, Lucy Liu, Peter Fonda and Brie Larson all bring a depth and understanding to the film that resonates and lingers with the viewer long after the show is over.

Mark L (us) wrote: 21st Century in the south

James H (jp) wrote: Low budget but it does have some effective moments and the special effects aren't half bad. The acting is fair, as is the score.

Alina S (ag) wrote: oh. my. gosh. i completely forgot about this movie until now

Norm d (ru) wrote: Kind of a screwball & campy '60's quasi-spy genre romp with a deciphering nod to "The Da Vinci Code" to come, minus the catholocism. Not really Sanley Donen's fare, it's light & goofy and, like an amusement park ride, kinda fun going nowhere!

Jeff B (mx) wrote: Leave it to Fellini to muck up an otherwise decent compilation. Can you say "Week End" rip-off? Or, in this case, weak end.

Brian C (mx) wrote: Wow, this movie was a special kind of awful. Despite the horrid (but forgiveable) CGI dinosaurs, we are treated to a really bad cast, terrible script and the most unlikeable characters. It is bad when I really don't care if the main characters get eaten or not. The only good character was Ronny Cox. Normally he plays villains but in this he played a really decent guy trying to help out humanity (even if he was a bit misguided). Age of Dinosaurs was just plain awful.

Daniel C (es) wrote: Not exactly groundbreaking, as it takes the seriousness that was given to superhero movies by Batman Begins, but nonetheless an amazing film with an amazing lead.