Wigstock: The Movie

Wigstock: The Movie

Documentary of the legendary outdoor drag festivals in NYC circa 1992. Performances by luminaries of the time.

Documentary/Concert film covering the annual Drag festival in New York City. Highlights include a performance by drag diva, Ru Paul, and the infamous Lypsinca. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Wigstock: The Movie torrent reviews

mario m (au) wrote: Along with Eternal Sunshine, this is one of the most originals movies I've seen in a while!

Li B (us) wrote: Loved the book... not a fan of the movie

Michael J (es) wrote: Great movie! Definitely didn't seem as child-oriented as the originals, but still has plenty of content for all ages. I'd say it's right on par with the original!

Vincent B (ru) wrote: Leon N7: ?vitez que votre copine fraichement mordue par un zombie vous fasse une gterie, a pourrait tre douloureux. xD

Private U (kr) wrote: Got some funny comments in it, the story is nice, the end is hilarious (watch out for ppl with dark eyes, lol)

Cendrina D (mx) wrote: It was good to hear some Punjabi, very close to Gujarati... A very good cultural movie.

Christian H (br) wrote: A rivetting sequel/prequel by Brett Ratner. Starring Edward Norton, Ralph Fiennes and Anthony Hopkins

Samantha S (mx) wrote: Not a great movie but fun to see actors before they were "discovered" by the general public like Ewan McGregor and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Misspelling in the above description, it's JON Pertwee, not John. He was an accomplished Doctor Who, who is also the ultra-sexy Sean's dad. Those eyes, I'd do anything if he turned those eyes on me! (Fun appearance by Jenny Agutter, too.) The movie itself is rather weak.

Tom S (gb) wrote: a great study about addiction, much better than the jarring "fear and loathing" and "requim for a dream" which focused more on the immediate effects of being high rather than addictive behavior which, in the long run, is actually more interesting dramatically. Keaton is a great actor, probably his best work it's too bad he doesn't make better choices like this one. The story loses some pace when the love interest enters the picture but i suppose that makes sense, little else can give meaning to an addict. Great ending too, really explores how addicts see themselves.

Copasetic S (nl) wrote: Erik Estrada is not in this movie, Flixster dumb.This is an empty cop film driven only by Newman's performance, which does indeed actually drive the film pretty well. Overall, whatever, there are better movies out there to waste your time on.

Jack W (br) wrote: Mickey Rourke gives a powerful performance in a film that's very emotional and dramatically satisfying.

Teddy V (es) wrote: I guess maybe it was too built up for me, but this movie was a bit of a let down. The car chase scene was good, but the overall plot of the movie was really dull and didn't seem to go anywhere. Also, Steve McQueen may have been the king of cool but he was the dog shit of acting...

Greg W (gb) wrote: Some of the most exhilarating camera movements and most luscious black-and-white cinematography you'll ever see inhabit this singular, delirious 141-minute communist propaganda epic.

Luca V (jp) wrote: I know, why this had been the last film directed by Capra. In this film Capra is really a Capra (in the Italian language Capra means Goat). With an all stars cast, with actors such as Peter Falk, Bette Davis and Glenn Ford he tell us the usual fairy tale, with the usual huge role for the mass media. Davis/Annie sells apples, she told her daughter she is a lady. So, when her daughter comes back from Spain with her Betrothed. Glenn Ford, the superstitious Mr. Cool organizes a big farce, and everybody pretends to be the Prince of Wales. Goodbye Frankie!

Greg W (es) wrote: good western melodrama

Tanner M (fr) wrote: For a movie saying "Freddy's Dead" he really didn't have an epic death. It was kind' expectations lame to say the least, and for the rest of the movie it's very typical Nightmare on Elm street movie except for the couple that tries to abduct the teenagers.

Josh F (jp) wrote: Only reason I wanted to see it is because I'm an extra and I wanna know if you can see me or not.

Tim N (it) wrote: It is not the most original movie to date, but it entertains as a very fun science-fiction/horror movie with Vin Diesel's greatest film figure.

Adrian B (es) wrote: Title character Norma Rae (Sally Field) works a sewing mill and has changed positions from seamstress to monitor of duties performed by her colleagues. She soon becomes frustrated with the working conditions of the facilities for which she is part of and becomes intrigued by a union member from the east for wants to help her protest the major issue. Now Norma is at the height of controversy in her small town. The actress, Field, also succeeds at being the height of annoyance perhaps within this film. This is what the Academy deems as Oscar worthy acting? Ugh! The film takes too long to get to get going and when it does, the viewer, me, does not want to watch it. Pretty pretentious, irritating, and forgettable.