Wilby Wonderful

Wilby Wonderful

A day-in-the-life dark comedy concerning a group of islanders, their respective secrets, and one man's plan to kill himself quietly.

A day-in-the-life dark comedy concerning a group of islanders, their respective secrets, and one man's plan to kill himself quietly. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ravi S (nl) wrote: He funny, but how long can he continue to just mock his audience for most of the show?

guerm c (es) wrote: really weird depiction of the Ramayana. If someone watched this and had no previous understanding of the story then they would have no idea what was going on. The movie follows three different animated versions of the story, and one animated modern parallel, and absolutely none of it makes sense. One is just a girl singing and dancing about nonsense, and the animation only confuses, and the other two are different types of collages on screen, one with narration from people who intentionally disagree with each other, and the other has none at all. In addition, between each change in animation, (there are many) there are a ton of weird and trippy animations that have absolutely no relevance to the hard to follow plot as it is, and only further confuses those viewing. I was able to view this with a previous knowledge, but I was with friends who had no idea about the story, and came out of it only knowing the names of the "the blue guy and the singing girl."

Bob F (gb) wrote: very weird movie. Kinda hard to follow. NOt recommended. BUT, I did watch most of it because it was somewhat intriguing....

Petty G (br) wrote: The performances were amazing!!!I love Ben

Tenin L (us) wrote: ..find ur inner calling..

dylan m (br) wrote: this would be my favourite

Camy P (jp) wrote: Cheap movie in all aspects. The characters are far off the quality as original movie and there is simply no magic. I felt like it was just a regular cartoon showing up for kids during morning time. It could have been a great story but instead, it is just boring. Blew up the magic of Ariel's world for me.

Marisa R (au) wrote: I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!! Itty bitty butler beared

Gina W (fr) wrote: What a great film. I can't believe I hadn't see it before.

Alannah M (ru) wrote: favourite childhood movie.

Jeff A (kr) wrote: A less than so-so effort.

Bob (es) wrote: how do you give a bad rating to a movie you haven't even seen

Private U (mx) wrote: Jolly ripping, true yarn brought to us from 1930's Happy Valley. Egad!

Li (es) wrote: Cheesey. Rob Morrow and Johnny Depp headline this 80's sex romp before their stardom kicked in, and I hope this movie isn't something either of them is proud of. Private Resort was overacted, written by a horny teenager, and only managed to be entertaining because of the male leads. Though I wouldn't be proud if I were Morrow or Depp, it doesn't mean they didn't act well, as usual, it just means the movie as a whole was a disaster. The bikini-clad women, butts, and breasts were frequent and annoying, they were the only plot avalible, because they were the only things frequent enough to make events happen. The plot was... wait there was no plot. Hector Elizondo's character was tacked on, and everything that Depp and Morrow's characters did were random and awkward. The only reason, whatesoever, Private Resort was entertaining was because it was so outlandish and wacky that you couldn't not laugh at it. But, it's not really worth the watch. (Unless you want to explore the roots of two great actors)

David D (jp) wrote: Dull as arse, not even the punk depictions could save it.

Jimbo S (au) wrote: A film worth revisiting every few years simply for the nostalgia, as well as the vigour with which it portrays a community rallying to a cause.

James H (mx) wrote: Very fun romatic comedy musical. Great cast, and a wonderful supporting creew, especially Alexis Smith, giving one of her most memorable performances. Great music especiallt the Oscar winning "In the Cool Cool Cool of the Evening."

Rob P (ca) wrote: A feature length documentary about MotoGP? Well if thats not enough you can fuck off up the model village!