Wild 7

Wild 7

To combat rising crime and terrorist activities in Japan, the Japanese National Police Agency authorizes the formation of a secret motorcycle unit known as the Wild 7. The motley group consists of reformed convicts - ranging from simple thugs to former Yakuza members. The Wild 7 are tasked to take out criminals the police cannot touch - due to the criminal's connections with politicians and wily lawyers.

With crime rising, the police force created the motorcycle unit , 'The Wild 7', a group of ex criminals. Together, the Wild 7 are tasked with taking out the criminals that the police cannot touch. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rodrigo Y (fr) wrote: I am honestly speechless... Look how bad is the world, we must help change that... And Japan, I'm so disappointed.

Mikey P (it) wrote: awesome and filmed in the 'peg!

Aldo G (jp) wrote: Here's a Japanese film ripe for an American re-make. Made in 2000, this is a manga-style tale of a society upset with teen violence that the government picks a classroom every year to participate in a three-day Hunger Games type of kill or die survival ritual. The whole thing is meant to be a crass representation of the social mores of young people. There's plenty to dislike about the movie - the over the top acting, achingly annoying dialogue - but, the movie has a campy, cultish charm to it. Would love to see Eli Roth, Fede Alvarez or Ryan Coogler direct an updated version.

Sean D (mx) wrote: This was a lot better than the original. We can also confirm or guess that their would have been a sequel to at least make the "Know What You Did Last Summer" series a trilogy. Mekhi Pfeiffer played a terrible role as an annoying, whiny, way too ghetto and angry character that everyone in the theatre probably cheered when he got killed off, I can say honestly that the film was marginally better after not having to hear him talk anymore. The plot is actually quite hilarious but does something really common in horror films, solve a love triangle by making one of your protagonists in the love triangle, the main antagonist or co-antagonist. There were some seemingly LOL moments in the film. The plot is quite different yet similar to the original film. It's not an amazing film, but it's still great and fun to watch.

yiting x (de) wrote: i love this..cant understand why average rating's so low.\One should really listen to the music in this movie.

Knut D (mx) wrote: Moving war/drama about a naive, British communist who leaves for Spain in the spring of 1936 to fight the fascist's alongside the POUM militia. This is a very serious and mature affair that does not insult your Intelligence. It's also beautifully shot and the cast is very believable all around. Watch this one back to back with "The Wind That Shakes The Barley". Loach really depicts the horrors of civil war and armed conflict in general really well. This is without a doubt one of the strongest films of the 90s, and also Ken Loach's masterpiece. A beautiful film.

Lewis E (gb) wrote: Outdated sadly, and the English dubbing really makes it hard for me to take it seriously. John Woo (director) here clearly just wanted to go for ridiculously over-the-top, bullet-dodging antics. It reminds me of the 'Time Crisis' arcade/playstation series with the amount of shooting going on (even has identical music). Respect is owed since it probably helped pioneer the slow-motion, diving action technique we've seen utilised in other movies such as 'The Matrix'. Nonetheless, despite a slightly improved second half, it didn't quite do it for me and should be left for those who have a passion for action.

Simon T (ca) wrote: When I first saw this movie in 1987 I thought it was a brilliantly clever thriller, compromised by a very wooden central performance. Seeing it again, almost thirty years later, I realise I was wrong: it's a so-so thriller, compromised by several very wooden performances and lumbering direction by its writer. A movie that is crying out for a decent remake with good actors.

Greg W (au) wrote: great eye candy the last of the dashing flynn

Angel C (ca) wrote: want to see soooooo bad

Nick I (kr) wrote: Nice chemistry between Gad and Hart. Not too raunchy but the perfect amount. Very funny and lovable to watch.

Jackson S (kr) wrote: This is by far the greatest of the Death Wish imitators.

Ned P (fr) wrote: A film about a guy who gets beaten up by a fellow employee in a car park, and wants to get his own back - by fighting him again. Even by Tim Allen's standards, this is total tosh, with the charmless lead bungling his way through a senseless yet predictable narrative that regularly fails to raise a smile. Julie Bowen is OK in a supporting role, but Allen is so useless that their relationship is rendered completely unbelievable. Rubbish.