Wild At Heart

Wild At Heart

Young lovers Sailor and Lula run from the variety of weirdos that Lula's mom has hired to kill Sailor.

Despite the disagreement of her mother, Lula deeply falls in love with Sailor who just got free from jail. Together they travel to California without knowing that the mother has hired a killer to murder Sailor. After witnessing the death of a woman in a car accident, Lula feels a bad omen which can make them being separated again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy C (it) wrote: A better entry in the range of awful Syfy channel creature features. Sand Sharks pours on the cheese as thick as the gore and embraces its ridiculous concept with open arms. The prodigal son of a town returns with another get rich quick scheme (a music festival that is somehow organised in days) when Sharks that can swim through sand appear for pretty much no reason and action begins. For bonus enjoyability it also features a classic creepy old caretaker type character, Hulk Hogan's daughter and a great homage to deep blue sea.

Andrew W (nl) wrote: a fun little dark comedy to watch if you want a little laugh out of dry humor and Matthew Broderick looking like an old man. great cast, and a lot of dry-humor as well

Jordon J (mx) wrote: A very different film,It tried it's hardest to make it work on such a low budget but it just doesn't have much going for it,SKIP IT!!!

Mad M (de) wrote: Not bad as a one trick pony. It is gruesome but it lacks the raw and gritty feel because for some reason it lacks realism. It's like a disconnected gore and shock drama.

lindy s (au) wrote: Sundance sure does know how to pick a winner.

Joe C (jp) wrote: An excellent look behind the scenes of what it takes to produce a film. It's also a story of the inherent battle between business and art, and ultimately, a story of failure. I really do hope that Gilliam is able to complete his film one day. Grade: B

Ollie W (ag) wrote: Two incredible subjects. One dreadful director. Watching a largely incompetent public-school boy, wander Baltimore with a microphone and an absolute lack of tact or understanding of the industry is detrimental to the fluidity and credibility of the documentary. He basically wanders around scoffing and whining and trying to get huge, muscular, utterly terrifying, borderline homicidal ex-rappers to voice their opinions on conjecture and rumor is simultaneously hilarious and excruciating and ultimately detracts from the controversial nature of the two rapper's, their considerable achievements, their vile, reactive aggression and their mysterious, violent duel demise. A star goes to Biggie and Pac each, the two forgotten stars of this film.

Edward D (fr) wrote: An insult to both the 1960's TV series and my childhood, Thunderbirds has none of delightful trademarks of the show, and, strangely, almost no actual rescues. A terrible story and mostly rubbish cast don't help either.Terrible.

Christopher B (nl) wrote: Awesome look at some great underground comic creators. Great double bill with Crumb.

scott g (us) wrote: directed in a typical 80s way looking at it now, everything is in place, and a dr played by l;esley anne down, having a ocurence with a patient pierce brosnan, from there seeing into his life, up to when he died, this which becomes clear towards end, and the nomads a group he is fasinated by, the film works well, and story engageing, anne down who never capatalised on her career is good as is brosnan, a good watch

JaimeActorScreenWriterDirector (jp) wrote: I wanna see this, but Snoop is not a good enough actor to get roles like this. It still seem like an interesting movie though, so I'll watch it and report back with another review...

Frances H (fr) wrote: A rather confusing plot, but good performances by Moore and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Lolita N M (jp) wrote: Has anyone seen this?

Camille L (it) wrote: Comme dans bon nombre de ses films, le dernier opus de Michael Moore Where To Invade Next marche plutt bien pendant une heure, le ralisateur amricain tant dot d'un talent irrsistible pour le divertissement et pour s'entourer d'excellents monteurs (le film en est un modle). Cependant, l'heure de bienvenue passe, il est difficile de prendre au srieux sa vision anglique de l'Europe, mme si la raison en est exprime ds les premiers instants du film. Et quand un documentaire qui se veut politique ne peut tre pris au srieux, difficile alors de se passionner pour un type qui tente de nous faire croire que les petits Franais ne boivent pas de Coca-Cola. On se retrouve alors devant le mme problme que Sicko. C'est sympathique, mais si biais que l'intrt est trs limit.

Stephanie C (ca) wrote: I can't bear to give an Astaire film anything less than three stars, but this is a very bad movie. The song Love of My Life and the tap solo at the end are the only worthwhile things in the entire feature.