Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers

Denmark in the 70's. The teenager Christoffer's parents Nisse and Maria have decided to move into a commune because they want to try the alternative lifestyle. But Christoffer doesn't like it and has trouble adapting. In school the others tease him because he lives in a commune. As a plan from the elders in the commune he starts in a Maoist group to learn about the real ways of the society. He doesn't like it but when his new girlfriend starts to see what he does as cool he goes into it. But at the same time the police start to suspect him to be the terrorist who blows up telephone booths around Copenhagen.

Denmark in the 70's. The teenager Christoffer's parents Nisse and Maria have decided to move into a commune because they want to try the alternative lifestyle. But Christoffer doesn't like ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim H (jp) wrote: Plummer gives an acting master class and it's a role for the ages. How any reviewer who is serious about film could not give it a positive review shows just what little it takes to be called a film critic these days.

Liane R (ru) wrote: I like it. it was funny

Walter M (jp) wrote: Just to show that Quentin Tarantino is not the only director who explores history while rifling through multiple genres in epic fashion, along comes "United Red Army" which sticks closer to stated fact whenever possible because sometimes fact is stranger than any fiction.(Like Nixon going to China.) So much so, that this movie resembles a documentary for its first part with occasional pauses to introduce us to various persons of interest. Even then, it is kind of hard to keep track of everybody which becomes important later, and not just because there will be a quiz. The focus is on the protests in Japan against treaties with the United States that threaten to turn the country into one big aircraft carrier. As the police presence hardens, the protesters become increasingly more confrontational and militant, eventually imagining themselves an army, seeking guns by the end of 1972. The second part has all the ingredients of a horror movie including an isolated cabin in the woods, lots of young people(mostly in their 20's), sharp pointy things and a body count. At this point, all of the factions of the red army have united into a unified whole which should be the zenith of the movement, but instead proves to be its undoing. Military training metastasizes into a microcosm of the cultural revolution then happening in China, thus rendering a promising force inert. Even worse is that Nagata(Akie Namiki) and Mori(Go Jibiki) use the whole process of Maoist self-critique to settle old scores.(Ironically, Mori had deserted the movement under fire previously but was let back in when most of the leadership had been arrested.) Afterwards, political debates extend to what kind of cookies are anti-revolutionary.(For me, it's mint cookies.) In any case, the most revolutionary behavior should involve kindness, not cruelty. Even then, this is not the end of the Japanese Red Army, as the endnote lists a group of future actions, including one that was dramatized in "Carlos."

Clay T (jp) wrote: i like the firct one better

Greg T (ca) wrote: A crushing depiction of human hatred and despair, this is about as good as Dogme ever got. A rag-tag group of tourists get stranded in the African desert and pass the time by putting on "King Lear". It's not long before the cracks in thie "civilised" existence become apparent, and what cracks they are. Seriously impressive, seriously disturbing, and absolutely vital.

Fatima H (ag) wrote: Baadshah...hmmm.. sounds familiar.. i now i saw it.. SRK was funny!

Kim D (jp) wrote: had some funny parts, great acting, but real slow and not that interesting.

Patrick B (br) wrote: A horror film about the self esteem movement...

Doctor S (au) wrote: Terrific modern horror film: exciting, scary, and pulse-pounding with the most frightening and deadliest zombies ever seen. Shows what can happen when you recruit a cast that can act. The pregnancy side story went over the top, but otherwise a white-knuckle thrillride; don't dare miss the opening 10 minutes!!

Daniel Y (ag) wrote: One of Quentin Tarantino's most underrated movies, Jackie Brown, while long, is very good and interesting. The characters are interesting and enjoyable, the plot, while sometimes not easy to follow, is very entertaining and interesting. Also, as with most Tarantino films, it has memorable lines and a really good script. So to anyone who hasn't seen it, I'm sure there is, to them I say go watch it, you won't regret it.

Andrew S (au) wrote: Really good horror movie I enjoyed it a lot even though it was kind of long.

Rodrigo R (ru) wrote: Fenomenal, muito bom filme, roteiro, direo e fotografia. Vale muito ser visto.

Mike B (gb) wrote: James Woods never topped the performance he gave here.