Wild Guitar

Wild Guitar

A young rock & roll hopeful is given a shot at the big time by the unscrupulous owner of a small record company.

A young Arch Hall, Jr. is given a shot at the big time by the unscrupulous owner of a small record company played by Arch Hall, Sr. (aka William Watters). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony S (ag) wrote: Loved this film. And I loved the concept. You really feel Allen's appreciation for Cinema and Literature.

Dave W (fr) wrote: Don't waste your time. This would have to be the worse zombie movie ever made, EVER! I wish I could give a negative rating so here it is -5 BLAH BLAH BLAH sucked really bad. BLAH!

Lau K (nl) wrote: what a tragic, what a sick world back then (and this world is still sick). A good film to watch; the brutality of human we need to know. It is indeed a shameful tragedy in world history (some sick people may think that was/is a right thing).

Darwin V (it) wrote: Everyone begins on a broad road of possibilities, but as one ages, the choices dwindle and the path gets narrower. When I was young, I could not fully grasp how we have to make lifetime commitments. How do you know what you want to be for life? As I grew, I viewed the age-old question differently for isn't really a matter of certainty, but that of wisdom and faith.Take the protagonist of the Italian drama "Not of This World" for example. Sister Caterina, beautiful and intelligent, is happy on becoming a nun. But when she is handed an abandoned infant to take care of, two internal forces kick in - her maternal instinct and her doubts about her lifetime profession. Her spiritual questioning is not obvious at first, but people around her are constantly bringing it up. It is a curiosity that permeates the movie as to why this woman would want to become a nun.I think what gravitates you towards to Sister Caterina is that she's wise, nice, and all-around admirable. It seems that she's got it together. And even when her doubts make her pause, her heart is resolute. And when she is certain, she has no hint of crazy. She seems perfect but Margherita Buy, who won Best Actress (Italy) for the role, illuminates her as credibly human. She gives a beautiful nuanced performance.It would be best to view the movie as a character study. I like that the characters aren't sometimes talking and silently reflect their inner thoughts. While there is a certain mystery to what the characters withhold, the plot is fairly straightforward. The ending is predictable even if the movie teases some alternate possibilities. But like life, what matters is not about the destination but the journey itself. And Sister Caterina's baby steps to a spiritual discovery is one emotional home run.

Jason S (nl) wrote: This was my favorite movie when I was a teenager.

Evelyn M (ru) wrote: I want to see this but I'm not sure I can handle the violence.

Kevin R (ru) wrote: Either we all drown or we will suffocate.A group of art thieves decide to highjack a 747 and hide its disappearance behind the legend of the Bermuda Triangle. Unfortunately, the plane crashes into the ocean leaving the passengers in a plane 100 feet under water. It may appear the legend of the Bermuda Triangle is more real than the art thieves imagined. Is there any hope for survival for the passengers on the plane?"Are you a real police man?""Sort of."Jerry Jameson, director of Heat (1986), The Call of the Wild, Superdome, Hurricane, The Dirt Gang, The Bat People, The Deadly Tower, and The Red Spider, delivers Airport 77. The storyline for this picture is just okay and as you'd expect from a film with this plot. The dialogue was just average and the acting was better than expected. The cast includes Jack Lemmon, James Stewart, Joseph Cotton, Lee Grant, Robert Foxworth, and Christopher Lee."Radios don't work underwater."I grabbed this off turner Classic Movies (TCM) when I discovered it starred Jack Lemmon (he made a lot of good films in this era, this isn't one of them). I felt this movie was a bit clich and on par with the disaster films from this era (i.e. just okay). Overall, this isn't a complete waste of time but I wouldn't go out of my way to see it."If there are survivors, they're going to find them."Grade: C

Javier V (nl) wrote: considerado el primer corto de Spielberg, aunque no lo es. Sin dilogos, aunque dudo de muchos mensajes. No s (C) si fue la copia que vi pero la fotografa me pareci malsima y las actuaciones muy forzadas para denotar lo que queran. Me agrada lo que sucede al final, aunque no logro comprender varias cosas. S es una sorpresa lo que descubre la chava. Por lo dems no me parece grandioso.

David L (es) wrote: I wish I could watch every movie ever made but I sadly don't have the time. I'm not interested in this movie because I don't think I'll like it or don't know enough about it to think I might like it. I may still end up seeing it some day though.

Chloey M (es) wrote: love it and I'm a cheerleader too

Steven A (es) wrote: Great movie for good people.

Tyler S (us) wrote: A classic from Wesley Snipes heyday. Here he plays a crack cocaine czar pursued by ice t and Judd Nelson. ..yes you read that right. Still I have to give it its props because of Snipes dynamic performance ...he's ruthless and lethal. Fun seeing Chris Rock in his early days as a fiend. Opens up eyes to the dangers of addiction with good performances. A little dated but still a snipes classic.

Marty F (mx) wrote: I thought this was the one with Matt Damon, but then it was not... shocking! lol... The plot wasnt too bad, although a lil lame, but the ending was totally crappy again, omg...

Perry W (jp) wrote: This movie was so lame. Not only was it not original, as soon as the action started the movie ended. And it was so predictable.

Phillie E (fr) wrote: I guess it's slight better than Last Action Hero. Slightly.