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Wild in the Streets

A young man gains significant political influence as the leader of a counterculture rock band with his rallying cry of voting rights for teenagers.

Max Flatow is a precocious, social miscreant who has a way with home-made explosives. When he tires of these, he runs away from home only to emerge seven years later as Max Frost, the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Darren D (fr) wrote: bloody-awful yet bloody-good fun!

Joan O (br) wrote: George Sanders ia always wonderful, interesting movie

Andrew S (de) wrote: A simple action movie that isn't any more sophisticated that the title suggests.It's not particularly big on action or dialogue, but it kinda works.

Ibraheem M (ag) wrote: Though sometimes stupid and only frightens a 10 years old, but it is still worth a shot and features some gags.

Allan C (ru) wrote: Not up to "Lawrence of Arabia" standards, but this desert epic is certainly equal in terns of scale and spectacle. It lacks the artistry of Lawrence and plays out more like a cavalry western set in the desert, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's a well mounted epic that's skillfully crafted and entertaining to watch.

Nate H (ru) wrote: I prefer the drugs, with them at least you know you're hallucinating.

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