Wild Justice

Wild Justice

Colonel Peter Stride is on the trail of a mysterious international criminal known only as Caliph.

Colonel Peter Stride is on the trail of a mysterious international criminal known only as Caliph. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shamir R (ca) wrote: On of the worst movies I've ever watched. While it's true no one watches these movies for the story, that doesn't mean you shouldn't even try. The acting was terrible but what takes this movie into the realms of "worst movie ever" (if you said that in comic book guys voice you are awesome!) is the fact that the choreography was shocking! Dance movies live and die by the Choreo, this movie might as well of been the walking dead...

David M (au) wrote: So, apparently (teenage) aliens walk among us, hunted by a second set of aliens for reasons that are never fully explained.Such is the premise of 'I am Number Four', with the main protaganist as a teenager, who hides the secret that he is not really from this world and who is slowly discovering his powers (think Smallville!) in the small Ohio town of Paradise.Very much a sci-fi movie for the Twilight crowd, this is unfortunately not really all that gripping or exciting - not one I'd be looking out for again.

Markus S (ca) wrote: Excellent film. Giancarlo Esposito has a great directorial debut.

Eddy C (it) wrote: I fell asleep half way in.

saman g (gb) wrote: The camera work is worth watching this movie.

Rahil G (ru) wrote: if more stars is there i wil give this movie

Ryan J (kr) wrote: Boring. unfunny. very blah.

Nathan B (kr) wrote: Ironic how I was 10 when this came out. It was a decent movie to watch on a Saturday afternoon with nothing to do. My mom adored this movie. Keep in mind that this movie is MEANT to be silly, and it's not to be taken TOO seriously. All who performed in this movie were great (Steenburgen, Short, Grodin).

Philip S (de) wrote: I know I saw this years ago, but can barely recall it. I grew up listening to Kenny Rogers tunes, so I have a soft spot for the guy, but something tells me this movie sucked... Probably a Disney B-movie.

Brky S (br) wrote: a mr klein with a very questionable morality is gradually drifting towards an absurd inevitability.along the way the problem of identity is handled masterfully...and all through, one is reminded of kafka and his desperately trial pursuing charakters

Johnny B (kr) wrote: slow but compelling build-up to a crazy final battle. This series is just awesome.

Jason K (au) wrote: Very well made, low budget movie about two guys wandering around CT, hanging out and just trying to survive in a world with zombies.