Wild Orchids

Wild Orchids

A prince in Java tries to seduce his visitor's wife, but he's discovered.

A prince in Java tries to seduce his visitor's wife, but he's discovered. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spencer H (ag) wrote: It's better than half the marvel movies!

Irene S (nl) wrote: excellent documentary about drugs in the u.s. and the difference faces, cultures, and levels of crime and jail sentences for people caught selling and using drugs. if you have to see the additional piece on this documentary is gives you an update on the individual that were shown in the original

Tim S (au) wrote: a black-hearted meditation on misanthropy

John M (kr) wrote: Purely for fans of the show, answers most remaining questions by showing things from the cylon's point of view, though some remain unanswered (like Starbuck hooking up with Baltar, wtf was that about?!?). Need to have followed the series to enjoy, or even understand, most of it.

M M (it) wrote: per apprezzare questo film basta essere fan dei paesi del centrasia.(verrebbe da darle una botta in testa, a questa Tulpan che non c'era)

Dena S (ag) wrote: i'll never see eric balfour the same after watching this movie lol

Franconia B (jp) wrote: Still haven't seen this in its entirety. It's on the To See list.

Scott M (mx) wrote: A classic by the Sarkies brothers. A great movie to watch before venturing off to study at the University of Otago. It was nice to live across the gully from the house that features in the movie too. It REALLY is that spooky looking.

Tim M (de) wrote: The prequel for Desperado is impressive. Brilliant editing and filming."Rodriguez goes for broke with a breakneck pace, swarms of bullets, cinematic tricks, and a tone as playful as it is knowing of genre conventions. The director's light touch is all his own; and this unpretentious offering delivers in all departments." ? Geoff Andrew, Time Out

Larry M (ca) wrote: a duo of great actors, plenty of action and snappy dialogue - like Starsky & Hutch in Vietnam

Doug C (us) wrote: A good noir with Van Heflin as a former army captain who has settled into a respectable family life shortly after World War II, when a gimp-legged former bombardier played by Robert Ryan shows up seeking revenge for soldiers killed when Van Heflin informed the Nazis about their escape plan in a prison camp during the war. Excellent direction by Fred Zinnemann and great acting by Robert Ryan and a very young Janet Leigh.

Kathleen D (ru) wrote: Buckets. I cried buckets. I love ma momma and hers too.

Alexi A (ag) wrote: ''1408'' delivers less chills than expected, but it is highly amplified by an incredibly absorbing performance by John Cusack.

Quincy T (jp) wrote: I have above average tolerance for shaky cam which comes in handy watching found footage movies, but I've just met my match in Alien Outpost. It's quite a shame since it has good prospect that could've been much more. By telling a story of alien invasion from the soldier's perspective and having more than ordinary skirmish, it starts decently until about halfway where it fails to keep the pace flowing or the camera steady. This is the story of Outpost 37, the most dangerous outpost a soldier could be stationed in. An alien race called Heavies launched an invasion many years before, soon afterwards nations gathered and fended them off. Outposts are made to defend against their last remaining troops. The script is surprisingly very detailed, there are many aspects that other similar movies neglect to mention. Its use of military personalities, though somewhat overused, is fitting to set the tone.The movie falls apart when it needs to excel. One of the main things about alien invasion movie is you at some point need the alien to appear. You might go for unassuming but effective design like District 9 or full blown larger than life entity. Sadly for this movie the alien is subpar, it's done with inferior CG of last decade. The design looks terrible, as though it's a reject from Mass Effect games or unused extra of Falling Skies. It has neither the technology nor make-up to convincingly deliver extraterrestrial threat. Camera work is unfortunately just as bad. It takes a real finesse to capture warfare with precision, and it'd be much harder to create action scenes by first person view alone. The film is incredibly disastrous when action hits. It flings out of focus, screens literally lag and generally hard to follow what is actually happening. Mayhem of war should be conveyed better, not into mayhem in your screen. Alien Outpost has the correct idea of highlighting the human aspect, but it simply doesn't have the technical production to create the intended effect.

Mark S (de) wrote: Acting was pretty good, dialog was so-so, and the script was BORING! What a waste of time. Unbelievable plot points make it even harder to sit through. Don't waste your time on this tepid "thriller".

Joey S (au) wrote: Fuckin brits. 92 though for real for real? Not my cup o tea

Trey J (br) wrote: What a classic film, Booger is the man

Ma T (br) wrote: my FAVE cartoon character