Wild Tango

Wild Tango

A biopic based on the life of one of the pioneer argentine rock stars 'Tanguito'. The movie tells the story of his rise and fall from grace, encompassed in violent times of a military regime.

Rock singer Jose Alberto Cruz, nicknamed Tango, is the young man whose music and rebelliousness inspire a generation during the late 1960s in Buenos Aires... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Wild Tango torrent reviews

Patrick N (gb) wrote: Again, wasnt expecting much, but really enjoyed it! Good mix of humour, drama and romance.

Andrei M (it) wrote: liked the open ending... :)

Jared M (mx) wrote: I enjoyed it. somehow.

Mila S (fr) wrote: Fun and tense at the same time

NCC1701D N (us) wrote: A very thoughtful, moving, and beautifully directed French film about a little girl grieving over her mother's death. The 4 year old lead's performance is some of the most powerful acting I've seen by an actress of any age. Aside from some disturbingly cruel and creepy behaviour by the other children and one clunky scene towards the end, the movie is easy to watch. It's realistic, sensitive, observant, and insightful about childhood - not at all the depressing slog its premise suggests.

Shaun B (es) wrote: again great and funny film

Brandon B (gb) wrote: Very very surreal. Horror is definitely not the word I would use to describe this though (as I've seen it often described). It's an experiment in human emotion and sensation. We all seek pleasure from our senses -- a beautiful image, a favorite meal or song. The blind sculptor seeks pleasure through touch, and I believe he genuinely wants to share what he has found to be a superior method of experiencing his surroundings with the world. The only reason his altruistic intentions are changed is the model's eventual understanding of and expansion on his original idea. If touch can be so sensual (even without sexual connotation), then an extreme of touch (pain) can be even more so. If pain can be even more sensual that touch, than the extreme of pain (death) can be even more sensual. The film itself is amazingly narrow in its scope, and this is greatly to its credit. Within the first few minutes of the film the model is kidnapped and placed in the studio, never to escape. There are only three people in the entire film. The oppressive walls filled with sculpted body parts bear down on every scene, and even the camera angles -- lots of tight shots with actors filling the frame -- add to the surrealism. I even may have liked it more if it were shot in black-and-white, to put more emphasis on the sensual rather than visual themes.All in all, I'm very glad I took the time to see this film. Good stuffs.

John R (us) wrote: Though an obvious analogy to the post-9/11 atmosphere, The Conspirator tells the horrific true and tragic story of a perfect demonstration of pure injustice in the history of the USA. Brilliant acting, excellent writing, and although depressing, does leave us reflecting on morals. This film gives us the feeling of hearing a horrific true untold story that we will never forget, because we never expected such a tragedy happened.