Wild Target

Wild Target

A hitman tries to retire but a beautiful thief may change his plans.

A hitman tries to retire but a beautiful thief may change his plans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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tya g (mx) wrote: better than beowolf -the weapon was outstanding loved it

Andrew R (de) wrote: A really good indie film that few under the radar. Bruckner's portrayal of an unhappy teenage girl coincides very well with Strathairn's intellectual role as her mentor. A movie about high school that will actually make you think.

Kristy P (mx) wrote: Even more stupid than it looks.

Paul M (kr) wrote: Lumet directs as if he has never seen a movie. He keeps the camera so far away from the actors, one might as well be in another room. Perhaps that is why the cast overacts so atrociously. Add a supremely annoying harpsichord on the soundtrack, and you have a movie that is virtually unwatchable. Perhaps the story gets clever; I've never made it far enough to know.

F B (ag) wrote: Aggressively poor on all counts. Recycled story, dialogue, songs and performances all collide in a colorful, yet excruciatingly bland, farce. The only laughs came towards the end when each shot is punctuated by the entire library of Filmi sound effects. It was a surreal 'make it stop - no, let me add my own effects' moment of impromptu audience participation that the while film could have use more of. Garbage.

Toddy J (ru) wrote: Good Morning Heartache, what's new?

Michael L (mx) wrote: i didnt like this as much as bob le flambeur or le samourai but it was definetely a cool and involving gangster flick. ive definetely seen better from the french new wave and at times, this does drag but that was melville's style.

Andy T (mx) wrote: The Man Who Knew Too Much (the first of Hitchcock's two versions) is quite a good story told in a fast-moving picture, encompassed in an exciting final twenty minute shootout.

Brandon S (mx) wrote: Out of place love triangle aside, this beautifully realized war epic brings the history and the emotion beyond the mythical battle of Stalingrad to bold life.

Tiger L (jp) wrote: A entertaining thriller that keeps you guessing till the very end

David L (ag) wrote: Mean Girls is such an entertaining teen comedy that transcends its familiar and predictable storyline and sometimes over-the-top approach with genuinely strong humor, excellent performances from Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams in particular and mostly realistic characters of whom almost all had their moment to shine.

Joetaeb D (es) wrote: Timothy green isn't without sweetness and charm, but it's thin script and cloying sentimentality make it difficult for all but sensitive people.