Wild Things

Wild Things

When teen-socialite Kelly Van Ryan (Richards) and troubled bad girl Suzie Toller (Campbell) accuse guidance counselor Sam Lombardo (Dillon) of rape, he's suspended by the school, rejected by the town, and fighting to get his life back. One cop (Bacon) suspects conspiracy, but nothing is what it seems...

In South Florida, high school guidance counselor, Sam Lombardo, is accused of rape by two female students, the wealthy and popular Kelly Van Ryan and poor outcast Suzie Toller. The cop on the case uncovers a conspiracy and dives into an elaborate and devious web of greed and betrayal to find the truth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (it) wrote: casting is pitch perfect here as it looks at ecaped nazis living in Argentina.

Terminus R (br) wrote: This is an excellent film. Interesting. Thoughtful and thought provoking. Not a light love story... and maybe not a date night movie.

Freeman M (ru) wrote: Melissa Leo was the REAL best actress of 2008.

Doctor S (es) wrote: psychological drama/suburban horror starring Radha Mitchell

Philip N (kr) wrote: Pretty good movie. Funny but wasn't rolling over laughing. Although it did mix drama and comedy together pretty well. Was really confused at the end regarding who was what in regards to their sexuality.

Shane J (ca) wrote: This films got pretty much everyone that is great from 80's action movies apart from the main stars. you will recognise almost everyone from some of the best action films of this time. Its got carl weathers in the lead playing a complete bad ass with the ability to jump super heights!! no reason why he just seems to be able to. firstly this films awful but i dont care the film knows its awful everyone involved knows its pretty awful but by god is it fun. Its comedy gold!!!

Rod A (fr) wrote: I love Fassbinder's sensibility to conflicting human desires. This film is like a novel. The characters develop and change. Sometimes they're fully confident and as the situation changes, we see their vulnerabilities take over. I really liked this one!

Aj V (ca) wrote: I think this must be my favourite Peter Sellers movie, it's really hilarious and very 60s, I really liked it. The story is good, a regular square guy falls in love with a hippie and it changes his life. I liked the ending too, it's good.

Jim P (jp) wrote: Charming, irreverent, politically incorrect (long before such ideas existed), and all-in-all a comedy masterpiece without a shred of sentimentality. This was ages ahead of its time and yet these screwball antics and the chemistry between Lombard and March could not happen today. It's almost surprising this wasn't directed by Howard Hawks or Preston Sturges, but "Wild Bill" Wellman was more than up to the task. And I'm sure super producer Selznick had much to do with the quality of this film as well.

Aaron C (de) wrote: The economics of war, with fates sealed not in the boardroom but the ballroom and other chambers. Considering the consequences, there are no winners here, except perhaps the spot-on performances by all.

Caroline E (au) wrote: Krisitin Stewart definitely deserves all the hype and the award she received for this film. I might not have been following as much as I should have, but damn I was confused for like half of the film.

David W (au) wrote: A true story that surprises everybody on how a man saved thousands in a hotel