Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough

Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough

Once again set in the oceanfront Florida city of Blue Bay, "Wild Things 3" tells the tale of snobby rich girl Marie Clifton. Although she lives the life of luxury, Marie's distraught over her stepfather not giving her a pair of diamonds, valued at over $4 million, that are entitled to her in her late mother's will. That is, until one of her classmates, the local bad girl Elena Sandoval, accuses her stepfather of rape. Soon, it's deja Vi all over again as Detective Michael Morrison and probation officer Kristen Richards investigate, but as with the first "Wild Things" everything is not what it seems to be, and everybody has secrets to hide.

The movie follows two teens who will stop at nothing for one to gain a $4 million inheritance of two priceless diamonds called the "mother and daughter, while two detectives try to thwart their plans, but find complications abound. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough torrent reviews

Natalie O (it) wrote: Harrowing, emotional, gripping and a film I won't ever forget.

Richard S (jp) wrote: Liked this a bunch. Real world radical acceptance.

Franois C (fr) wrote: Trs drle. Le sketch avec Arno et Bashung est un peu inutile, Bouli Lanners et son collgue kidnappeur m'ont fait hurl de rire, Edouard Baer gnial en gangster rat face la sublime Anna Mouglalis, les "vieux" en roue libre font plaisir a voir.

Chris L (nl) wrote: This is a personal favorite for me. Funny in an uncomfortable way, the laughs hit really close to home for someone raised in a religious household and who attended private school. A lot of stuff Christians do looks ridiculous for those on the outside, this is a good reminder of that. This is also almost enough to push for a Mean Girls remake starring Mandy Moore.

Clint U (au) wrote: how could a movie with so many talented actors be so bland? i don't get it. The hype surrounding this movie is also something that baffles me.

william s (gb) wrote: a amazing cast in this outstanding classic

Arianeta L (jp) wrote: I-man loves this movie. Rockers is so completely enjoyable and totally unique. Having very strong documentary features, this film keeps surprising the viewer every minute. It is (at least for the first half an hour or so) as if someone just shouldered a camera and followed Horsemouth around Kingston doing his daily hustling' business. Most of the main characters are real people, playing themselves, esp. reggae artists and producers, and most of the locations are real as well. What I like most about this movie is its many layers. It's like a deep insight into Jamaican society of the late 70's, the golden era of roots reggae, in all its many aspects like class struggle, Rasta, family and religious issues. The hero is trying to rise above his status and make himself, his family and community stronger. His values - peace, love, neighborliness - are tested by but he rises above difficulties and meets the challenge. The end is perfect and sweet. The use of real people as actors and the very poignant of real life in Jamaica are incredibly unusual. Several times, like in the opening scene, characters directly address the viewer personally by facing the camera which I've never seen used like this anywhere else. Technically it's remarkably well done (apart from some pretty dark underexposed moments), for instance they manage to have many songs of the soundtrack coming from actual sources in the picture. And the real question here is who is this Greek director and writer and how did he get so deep inside the Rasta community? But the big attraction here is the music, not the plot. The soundtrack includes Peter Tosh, Robbie Shakespeare, Burning Spear, Gregory Isaacs, Jacob Miler& Inner Circle, Bunny Wailer, and Leroy Wallace (who plays the protagonist). It is very difficult to hear this music and still sit in your seat without even a little rock your body

Senor C (fr) wrote: Not as funky as the first Blacula (I do miss that soundtrax) it's sequel is still a good entry in the vampire genre & is even a little better then the first in some aspects. It's continuity is definitely better. Blacula is back again & employs the help of Pam Grier & her voodoo powers to return him home. It's never really explained if home is back to Africa (if that's the case just fly. you can turn into a bat for fucksakes) or if he means to travel back in time when he was a prince. It doesn't need to make much sense just enjoy the vamp. William Marshall is once again excellent as the Black Prince of Darkness like when some bitch is talking shit to him. Some times to you gotta shut a bitch up.

Gregory W (us) wrote: good but "Roman Holiday" is a better start

Lauryn H (mx) wrote: The Best movie ever. Love it!!!

Marissa M (ru) wrote: I finally got to see the movie and I loved it. Great cast and story line.

Ariel F (au) wrote: Embrace your childhood

Logan E (kr) wrote: Although trying to be a statement on society, understanding, and flip zombie film stereotypes upside-down, its done in such a simplistic and juvenile way, it's hard to take it as a serious movie. its basically a YA movie, trying to be creative and send a message, but doesn't have the seriousness or style of a good film, and the effect of this makes it seem that they're trying to hard and making the message far too obvious.