Wilder Napalm

Wilder Napalm

Wilder and Wallace are brothers and pyrokinetics. Ever since childhood they've been able to start fires with their minds but following a tragedy in which they accidentally killed a man, the brothers have grown up very differently. Wilder has become a regular 9-5 workaday joe but Wallace performs his feats with a traveling circus. When the circus comes to Wilder's home town Wallace starts coming on strong to Wilder's wife, Vida who, ironically, is a slight pyromaniac.

Wilder and Wallace are brothers and pyrokinetics. Ever since childhood they've been able to start fires with their minds but following a tragedy in which they accidentally killed a man, the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Wilder Napalm torrent reviews

Markus L (jp) wrote: En av f Svenska filmer som faktiskt r bra.

Kyle B (br) wrote: it was definately action packed but they stop making these.

Marisa R (jp) wrote: This is an interesting movie. Showing the lives of contemporary Indians dealing with the challenges of a fast-paced life while trying to comply with old and powerful social rules (or family values). The production is top notch; the music is very catchy and modern; most actors performed well and convincing, but some details left unattended made me node my head a couple of times: too many predictive scenarios, the mean characters are very evil, and the good ones are very good, too good. Something that could have improved my rating would be removing the bohemian singers in the middle of scenes (the guitar playing and riding a motorbike was too much) and the death scene (won't spoil it for you) was terrible!!! However, and as usual Super Konkona and Super Irrfan came to the rescue! the groom on the horse scene and the hug in the train completely took over my emotions and made me jump of joy! So overall, it is a good time pass, check it out.

Nina M (mx) wrote: One of the best dark comedies. Brilliant cast!

Michelle A (au) wrote: no info = no interest

Bryan S (jp) wrote: This is what I call a great directorial debut.

Soheil W (au) wrote: After Naked Gun he was not that good anymore. It is better to watch 100 min an empty bin instead this movie!

Adam Y (fr) wrote: Aidan Quinn's furry torso looks great!

Dr F P (ca) wrote: You'd think it was awful, and you'd probably be right but i just can't get over how wonderful Estelle Getty is in this. I just want to take her home and keep her and just go everywhere with her and be her friend and buy her sawn off shotguns for my evil bidding. Yes, that's right me and Tutti will rule the world! We will kick ass, take names and joy ride in golf carts. It's true, Stop or my Mom will Shoot isn't a great movie, everything about it pretty much sucks but i can't help but like it.

Michael O (br) wrote: Interesting (though tragically too long), with great performances. The story overwhelms itself...

Nolan P (jp) wrote: One of the very few flawless 10 out of 10 movies ever! Just finally watched again last night after many many years and still holds its own in line with some of the greatest movies of all time.

Steve M (au) wrote: A very unconventional biopic but a phenomenal artistic film all the same.

Jesse M (jp) wrote: Not the best of its ilk, but nevertheless a charming and funny fantasy adventure with sweeping action, groundbreaking visual fx (via 1996), a wonderful music score, and a certain purity in it's intentions. Those intentions were to simply entertain as summer popcorn films should. Dennis Quaid and Sean Connery's soul within a lovable dragon have chemistry that holds the film together so well with their double dose of charisma. The film's only weak link would be Dina Meyer as the female hero. She's never all that appealing and her acting is a step away from amateur hour. Of course no hero or heroes in this case is anything without a juicy villain in David Thewlis who revels effectively in his badness. This movie doesnt get enough recognition for its achievement in visual fx. This was practically the first film to have a fully functioning "character" made with movie magic and a legend behind the voice paving the way for memorable creations such as the gollum. Perfect family entertainment overall and satisfying for a laidback saturday afternoon.

Maribel M (ag) wrote: this is not a bad movie it a fun,action movie.this movie get hated on to much

Jennifer X (ca) wrote: one of the most ridiculous stories i've heard in a long time. SO low budget it's actually really funny when he kills things.