A mysterious girl becomes involved with a 17-year-old girl and changes her life forever.

A mysterious girl becomes involved with a 17-year-old girl and changes her life forever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bob R (fr) wrote: Fun and emotional movie that even made me cry, but it is not an amazing movie and I probably would not watch it again. But it's definitely worth one watch.

Amy B (it) wrote: I enjoyed the slow storyline and character development, and I liked that the love story didn't become saccharine. They weren't too quick to trust each other. However, I found the ending unsettling. I couldn't decide whether I thought the cliche was a disappointment, but I'm still thinking about it a week and a half later, so it can't have ruined the story for me that much.

Reagen B (fr) wrote: Would have been perfect if they put Homecoming on the CD. Such an awesome performance. I can't believe there are some people that hate GD.

Anand K (ca) wrote: Blaxploitation nonsense.

Andrew M (gb) wrote: Although it explores a number of rising modern issues, Pretty Persuasion drowns itself in its own satire.

Courtney S (br) wrote: Very original take on romance

Private U (es) wrote: Excellent performance from Sandra NG. V sad ending.

Art S (gb) wrote: Successful in creating a mood (of total nihilistic depression) through a portrait of the German fashion model turned Warhol Factory denizen and Velvet Underground singer turned goth junkie gypsy. And how could director Ofteringer not be successful with Nico's spooky droning chanteuse music as her soundtrack. Talking heads vie with 1960s and 1970s footage to tell her story, which makes you wonder whether she became hollowed out by the early objectification she experienced and/or whether it was the drugs that brought her down so low. You get the idea that to come into contact with her would be like feeling the icy fingers of your own death. I'll have to pull out her records now (and remember that art is something to live for).

James M (au) wrote: John Boorman's sci-fi for the so-called intelligentsia is nothing more than a pretentious hodge-podge of bizarre nonsense. The film amassed a cult following who appreciate it despite it's badness, but for the masses it's just Sean Connery galavanting around in a leather nappy. Set in the distant future where a race of humans are manipulated by a floating stone head which spews guns and orders it's subjects that killing is good and sex is bad. Connery, a hunter named Zed, sneaks aboard the giant head, killing the magician who controls it and is whisked away to Vortex 7, a secret society on Earth where a sterilised high society of humans with psychic powers dwell.The whole film is a pun on The WiZARD of OZ and there's one or two moments which make you sit up and pay attention, but they don't justify the rest of the snoozefest.Overall, it's just a vanity project for director/producer/writer John Boorman after his plans to film Lord Of The Rings didn't materialise.

Cassandra M (nl) wrote: The movie starts with a board meeting at a major advertising agency. Putney Swope is on the board for no other reason than the fact that he is black, and the agency needs a "token" on the board. Swope is ignoring the meeting, reading Jet magazine at the big table, and everybody is ignoring Swope... Suddenly, the CEO croaks on the spot. No time is wasted. A janitor is called to haul off the corpse, and the board immediately and unceremoniously tackles the business of electing a new CEO. And as the votes are tallied one by one, the tension is built up and then finally snapped in a hilariously ironic climax to the vote, that gives the viewer a delicious dish of logical implications to savor for the rest of the movie. If you've ever talked back to some stupid television commercial, you'll like seeing this movie. Too bad there don't seem to be any real Putney Swopes in the world.

Ben L (de) wrote: Jane Russell crushes this movie. She is delightful as the wise and sarcastic friend. I found her entire arc, including her romance with Elliott Reid, to be the highlight of the film. She also has some great song and dance numbers that are a treat. I could have used even more songs throughout it, because they were a bit spread out. If this was Gentlemen Prefer Brunettes, and she was the lead I might have loved this movie more. Sadly, it's the ditzy blonde, Marilyn Monroe who takes the lead. I get that she's attractive, but it drives me nuts that the entire plot of this film revolves around her having such a powerful hold on every man that she can get them to do whatever she wants. It doesn't help that she is shallow to an astronomical degree and cares for money and diamonds over basically anything.They try to portray her character as someone who exists in this gray area where you're not sure if she is actually an idiot or just playing the fool. However too many of her actions in the film betray her stupidity, so it didn't work for me. There's even a final confrontation where they try to justify her gold digging philosophy and I just shook my head.My frustration with Marilyn and her behavior in the movie are probably making it seem like I despised Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, but I did have some fun with it. There are some scenes that are hilarious, and unexpected. The music was a welcome treat, although I probably have heard Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend enough times to last a lifetime. Not a bad movie, but also not one I'll likely recommend to anyone else.

Anne F (kr) wrote: I'm not an especial Dietrich fan, but she was very good in von Sternberg's retelling of Catherine the Great's rise to power

Alexander C (jp) wrote: Looks interesting will try to find and watch!

Matt G (fr) wrote: Wonderfully macabre gothic mystery with fantastic cinematography and special effects, just the right amount of light comedy, and a great creature creation in the horseman. Overly convoluted by the reveal at the end, but far from boring; one of the last good Depp / Burton collabs.