Charming desperado Ossy, carryng a deadly secret, tracks down his childhood pal Jimmy in Iceland. But Jimmy, now with a family and a regular job, will do anything to hide his past.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:Danish,Icelandic,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Wildside 1998 full movies, Wildside torrents movie

Charming desperado Ossy, carryng a deadly secret, tracks down his childhood pal Jimmy in Iceland. But Jimmy, now with a family and a regular job, will do anything to hide his past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Wildside torrent reviews

Keith G (au) wrote: It was ok but not great

To C (gb) wrote: Fantasia de fico-cientfica bacana, O Homem do Futuro talvez seja a primeira grande produo do gnero no Brasil e, apesar de uma ou outra concesso artstica em detrimento do aumento do escopo de pblico, o filme muito bem sucedido, em grande parte pelo carisma do elenco, mas claro sem tirar o mrito do cineasta e roteirista Cludio Torres, em seu segundo flerte com o cinema "fantstico", visto que seu filme anterior, A Mulher-Invisvel, j trazia um tema e estilo bastante particular.

Mika P (mx) wrote: top critics rated 29%? audience liked 64%? what ? I think this is by far the best Dr. Seuss book to animation movie adaptation so far. And it was really fun for me when I watched it back in 2012. I just realised I never reviewed it and here I am looking at horrible ratings. I think, unfair and lacking valid counter points. Danny De Vito did awesome job, great dialogues. Watch Jeremy Jahns's review on YouTube if you want more info but I think this is great animation for kids with thinkable moments for everyone (especially about how much are you willing to give up for more money). So, ignore critics. Watch it for yourself if you havent.4/5

Bruno V (kr) wrote: If you pretend like you're drunk or high this has some idiot , stupid and dirty humor . If you wan't a normal comedy then skip this movie ! SOMDVD

Amanda H (ag) wrote: Paul Walker is capable of so much better than this. It's a tired, predictable plot with subpar acting and no likeable characters. I was really disappointed in this.

Brian L (fr) wrote: For me this is a real great one. Can watch it over and over.

Peter P (de) wrote: Mostly bad movie, bad acting, snowboarding, and script, but it had its moments, best part of the film is when the girl is hanging by her scarf on the ski lift and keeps on going around and around right behind her friends her who are clueless. Other than that, pretty lame movie.

Aaron V (fr) wrote: Slackers tries to hard to be funny, and it's consequence: stupidity.

Ethan P (au) wrote: Despite being over three hours long, Magnolia was over in what seemed like no time at all. It was equally funny and dark and sad and frantic, as many "mosaic" films try to be. But none have pulled it off in the same way PT Anderson was able to here. I liked every main character-- Actually, I didn't like all of them, but I understood everyone's thoughts and motives enough to not get frustrated when one did something that upset another. And all of the performances were top notch. I find with most PT Anderson movies I end up mostly watching for the portrayal of the main character. Not to say I don't like the stories in them, I've just really enjoyed the characters a lot (especially Barry, in Punch-Drunk Love). They're always mesmerizing. But since there were so many main characters here, I was watching for all of them, as well as the story, and I just watched even more attentively when my favorite characters were on screen. Magnolia is a movie with a premise that I think only PT Anderson is capable of perfecting. It seems to be polarizing for new fans of the director, but at the same time I think it's his best work.

Adam S (jp) wrote: "Absolute Power" is a solidly entertaining political/crime thriller, anchored by strong performances from the all-star cast.Directed by Clint Eastwood, this story shows a burglar who has landed the blame for killing a rich woman during a burglary, when the murder was actually the fault of the President of the United States of America.Starring Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Ed Harris, Laura Linney, Judy Davis, Scott Glenn, Dennis Haysbert and E.G. Marshall, this film is gripping in the issues that it faces, although it probably won't win over anyone who isn't already on board with Eastwood's style.A good film.

Kim L (mx) wrote: stange movie, but entertaining in it's own way

Rob W (kr) wrote: Could have been better!

Johnny K (it) wrote: A melodrama, but very effective one. Impressive performances by Mariel Hemingway and Eric Roberts.

xGary X (ag) wrote: Cary Grant plays an up and coming self-made man who falls in love with a girl who unbeknownst to him, is a debutante and member of one of the wealthiest families in the country. Combining romance, sparkling dialogue and social commentary, it comes as no surprise that Holiday was created by much of the same team who brought us Philadelphia Story two years later. With the same director, writer and the star power of Hepburn and Grant, there's much common ground between the two films but although it's not quite in the same league as the later film there's still much to admire about it. Hepburn has never been more vivacious as the rebellious would-be sister in law of a charming and carefree Grant who finds in her a kindred spirit which causes complications in this stuffy social environment. They are aided by a fine supporting cast including Lew Ayres who provides comic relief as her soused but perceptive brother and Binny Barnes and Henry Daniell as the awful socialites who represent the kind of people Grant is seemingly being strong armed into marry into. Breezy, charming and full of enjoyable dialogue and likeable characters, Holiday may not be as well known as some of the other comedies of manners of the golden age but is certainly worth looking up if it's a genre you enjoy.

Jake Y (ag) wrote: tried watching a pirate version drunk, unsuccessfully

Shervin N (de) wrote: If for nothing else, watch this because of the Rock impression.

Kathryn W (es) wrote: Don't know what all the negative reviews were about because I loved this movie, who couldn't love something Zac Efron is in.

Nancy N (ca) wrote: Trs, trs bon film. Il fait raliser que l'tre humain est capable d'une extrme violence mais en mme temps, d'une bont divine.

Ian A (us) wrote: Nothing amazing here, but for me it's a classic. Very much a guy movie but I find it hilarious, to a certain extent. Nothing complex as it's about two Canadian guys trying to get beer. But just the fact that they're Canadian makes for some pretty entertaining scenarios, eh.

Michael D (ca) wrote: The first movie I saw that was about hacking and making thievery look cool and smart.