Will is an 2012 British sports drama directed by Ellen Perry and starring Damian Lewis, Jane March and Bob Hoskins. .At the start of the film, eleven year-old Liverpool fan Will Brennan is at a boarding school in the south of England, due to his father Gareth's (Lewis) inability to look after him following the death of his mother. Gareth arrives one day out of the blue, with two tickets to see Liverpool play AC Milan in the 2005 Champions' League Final in Istanbul. Unfortunately, before they can go, Gareth dies suddenly. Will is determined to go and honour his father's memory. He runs away and makes it as far as France. He then meets Alek, a former Yugoslavian footballer who stopped playing during his country's civil war. Despite Alek's initial reluctance to get involved, he is inspired by Will's determination and tries to help him to fulfil his dream. After many trials and tribulations, Will gets his wish and has a better experience at the match than he could ever have imagined.

An orphan journeys across Europe to the 2005 Champions League Final in Istanbul. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff B (mx) wrote: This movie grew on me. I thought Jake Paltrow did a good job directing. Martin Freeman basically reprises his role from The Office - which isn't a bad thing. The scene in the bookstore when Simon Pegg's character says "Why are we in a fucking hobbit hole?" is a bit of a prescient moment.

Jhun C (gb) wrote: This is not a movie about a shampoo contest. Add another circle and it would be the nine circles of hell watching this movie. Everybody is unbelievably irritating.

Bryce L (jp) wrote: Lots of people didn't like this movie. :(

Joanna C (ag) wrote: definitely worth seeing!

Private U (jp) wrote: This is not worth watching at all... meandering story with no reason to invest in the (shells of) characters. They move without motivation and the ending doesn't make sense.Stupid

Isabelle W (jp) wrote: Eu no consigo acreditar que algum tenha REALMENTE gostado desse filme. Assisti-lo por inteiro foi uma tortura, no me importa se do Melville, se tem a Deneuve e o Alain Delon. simplesmente pssimo, parado, um filme policial sem nenhuma ao e nenhum contedo. Enfim, recomendo pra quem tem problemas de insnia.

John G (au) wrote: A tragedy in comparison to its novel source, the acting was limited, unemotional, and ineffective. The storyline was cut-up, difficult to follow, and put to a bare minimum. I strongly recommend the book for finding Hess' spiritual message and staying away from this movie.

Brandon W (it) wrote: I was pretty interested to see this as this has Roald Dahl who wrote Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and this movie, and also because I heard that it's a kid's classic movie. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a good movie, but I don't quite see why this is a classic. The acting is really good, especially Dick Van Dyke who puts a bit of energy into this although not as much as his performance in Mary Poppins, but I'm fine for what he brung to this. The design for Chitty looks nice, and the effects, while dated now, looks good at that time. The writing is good, and there's some funny jokes that at times, does make you think of Tom and Jerry or The Three Stooges. I was at the point in the third act of not caring much about it, which it was losing my interest because the movie is overlong. The songs are decent, but not memorable enough for me to start singing it until when the characters sing the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang song which is the the only song that I find memorable. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a bit of a fun time still with adults that grew up with this, and the kids too, but probably not as much.

Andrew L (it) wrote: This is a mostly silly martial arts flick. Considered as one of Van Damme's classics. If you're into martial arts or MA movies, you'll probably enjoy it for what it is. Having done martial arts, a lot of what they do is absurd. For instance, no one blocks in this movie! They just let Van Damme kick them in the face! smh...

Rafael S (br) wrote: Although it's not funny, Click is a good movie, especially when the story has it's dramatic turn. Maybe this movie can help Sandler a little, because everyone knows that he isn't a good comedian. Maybe drama can be his game.

Seth K (us) wrote: One of the most underrated movies of the past 20 years. Watched it the first time and liked it. Watched it again and loved it, particularly the camaraderie between Costner and Duvall and the amazing shootout scene at the end. Who knows? Might end up being a classic.

Randy P (nl) wrote: This movie had some heart, but barely showed it.It seemed that the action or even the thrills don't really work or feel like they fit in. While you're watching this, notice how this thriller, never thrills you or makes your watch intense.