Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

To save his career, an ad man wants a sex symbol to endorse a lipstick. But she wants something too: he has to pretend to be her new lover.

To save his career, an ad man wants a sex symbol to endorse a lipstick. But she wants something too: he has to pretend to be her new lover. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (jp) wrote: A French co-production about horse-racing scene in Macau. The Frenchie narrative doesn't match with the corny story however.

M C (nl) wrote: I'm not going near this one. Axis of Evil sucked!

Beautifully B (fr) wrote: First off, I would not classify this as a horror. It is creepy in some parts, however it failed deliver the fear I was looking for. It was slow paced and there was no real storyline. They built the characters, but there was no real motive and at the end you still had a lot of unanswered questions.

James W (kr) wrote: The only good part of this is Eva Greens performance

Jason S (jp) wrote: Cinematically poor, and lacking depth.

Lee M (ag) wrote: The comedy is so bone-dry that it hardly feels funny at all. But it is. Kind of.

Scot Q (ca) wrote: A little bit dark, a little bit twisted, and hilarious if you have a dark sense of humor. This movie is definitely not for everyone, some of the themes will make you cringe, but the three main characters are amazing, henry, simon and fay. I am looking forward to the sequel and hope that it is half as good. This movie was a very nice surprise and well worth the watch, Hal Hartley is a genius.

Chance R (fr) wrote: It's dumb, it's pointless, it's cliche, it's witless and makes little sense but Down Periscope has just enough of a charm to let the immature laughs be not too regrettable.

Grant H (gb) wrote: Great movie. It's very funny, pretty smart, and incredibly well-acted by its cast, especially Williams and Robbins.

Matthew B (de) wrote: The acting is worth the watch. Incredible performances.

Shaina D (au) wrote: I have never actually seen this movie, but I have heard the radio adaptation of it, and if I ever find it, I'll totally buy it...it's a really funny story

Pete S (ru) wrote: young Elizabeth Taylor great

Caroline L (de) wrote: ok just don't work :(

Leena L (it) wrote: Rob Lowe as JFK? A hint of Bostonian in the accent but not enough. Why did they make this film? what a pointless waste of time....

Mikey S (br) wrote: This psycho was ok...but it's still not worth watching PASS

Guillaume H (de) wrote: The story is interesting and evocative but disjointed with an ending that just peters out. Like Tetro before it, some elements are extremely personal to Coppola and the whole story is a fugue variation on the inside of his head. Its inventive and full of ideas and good shots buts sometimes look like a teenage collage, self indulgent and amateurish, Like FF Coppola wants to emulate something other than himself and lands a few inches past the caricature line. He used this technique of black and white superimposed with bright colors in Tetro to gorgeous effects, but here, it doesnt always work and is often campy. Yet its appealing because the love of moviemaking shows; its just not that obvious that an actual master is at the helm, like he regressed, carrying with himself all his experience but not his means nor his actual technical skills. The dream sequences have been critiqued and i see why but at the same time i kind of like how naive they are and willfully overbursting with so many fantasies. I have half a mind to surrender to it, forget the cheese and enjoy the old magic with no cynicism. If i go along with it, its ripe for the taking. But the ending feels like he ran out of tape so tacked an extra scene after the last one shot and that was that.

Paul D (jp) wrote: Visually striking and sometimes haunting with strong performances despite a relatively weak ending.