Will You Cross the Skies for Me?

Will You Cross the Skies for Me?

An aspiring filmmaker goes through the ups and downs of romance when he falls for a Christian woman who says she only wants to be friends.

An aspiring filmmaker goes through the ups and downs of romance when he falls for a Christian woman who says she only wants to be friends. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Will You Cross the Skies for Me? torrent reviews

Annabel A (es) wrote: I think Kevin Hart is incredibly funny and talented. I have been with him since before anyone knew about him.However, What Now was my least favourite show out of all the shows he's done previously.The beginning with James Bond gimmick was brilliant, the less good part I'm referring to is the actual stand comedy section.Kevin has audience he has always played to (and is a growing audience) but I think it is very important to not forget the originals (why you made it this stage in the 1st place). Your audience spent anywhere between $30- $150 to come out and laugh with you in that night (For a few probably a quarter of their paycheck for the month). For any comedian, they would know that your audience come out to a comedy shows to forget about their problems and worries e.g. paying bills, feeding their kids, going to their jobs in the morning, meeting deadlines and so on.For you to know all of this I thought it was a little disappointing for you to spend a chunk of your set talking about how much money you have and how big your doing it (please I don't want you to think I'm just being a hater because I do believe you work harder then anyone for all your achievements and no one deserves it more than you) however, for a person sitting in that seat trying to forget all the shit they have to ho home to, that person saw images for a grand mansion, holiday trips, your wife's huge diamond ring, your children in private school and so on. To me it just came off as look at me and look what I have rather than the halrious Kevin that wouldn't care much to talk about all the stuff.I know, your material is all about what your doing now in your life, it would be hard for you to not mention it but, was all the images of your wonderful things necessary? Was your house or your wife's ring a nesseity for telling the jokes? It never was before and we still laughed. He would probably also say he shows all this stuff on social media anyway so what does it matter. It does matter, social media is an entirely different platform to your comedy, their are social conventions that now acceptable on social media doesn't mean it should be bought onto stage. Try keep the comedy pure from what you do on instagram as hard as that is.I conclude with never forget who your audience and fans are and why you got to such a platform in the first place. You have to remember when crowds are coming to your show what are they trying to get away from, is my comedy set reflecting that? Am I letting them go home with a feeling of happiness or have I let them go home feeling concerned with the future and the life situation (I think you may have made people go home feeling a bit worried about their future). We are all happy for you Kevin and the more successful you are the more difficult it will be for you to tell those pure jokes but your a professional I am sure you can figure it out, try to inspire us to reach your level not boast about your level (your the rapper Chocolate Drop although I did like the song with Trey Songz).Wish you all the best for all your future endeavours.PS. Your ex wife is halrious when talk about her on set, still do that if you can. Your wife if gorgeous and sweet but funny on set, not so much.Regards

joe c (es) wrote: Funny must see if you like top gear

Callie C (it) wrote: WOW! i am surprised. this movie gave off such a differnet feeling..a good one too. DAMN! if there was a lesbian like isabella who came on to me, ID SOOO TURN LESBIAN. NO JOKE. i hatedd her acting in the mummy. but damn, she makes a great lesbian. bottom line: great movie

Daniel D (kr) wrote: A good heart warming World War 2 movie.

John R (br) wrote: 160603: 17th Bond Film. Izabella Scorupco was the highlight of this Bond film. My seemingly never-ending unhappiness with Bond films continues. 3 only based upon my giving License to Kill (1989) a 3.

Kim N (de) wrote: one of my favorite books! and the movie was ALMOST as good..

Walker P (mx) wrote: loved it, it really is a great film

Carlos M (es) wrote: When a movie like this wants to be a drama about characters instead of "just" brainless catastrophe (catastrophe that takes place only in the end anyway), the least they could do is to come up with characters that matter and a plot that isn't so offensively stupid and incoherent.