Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Introverted Weichung has been married to Feng for nine years. They have one son together, and Feng would like to have another child with him. One day Stephen, an old friend who now organises weddings, appears and encourages Weichung to return to the gay life he had previously. Anxious not to lose his wife, Weichung tentatively begins seeing a flight attendant behind Feng’s back.

A married man begins to question his sexual orientation as he and his wife consider having another child. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alain G (ru) wrote: Found Footage Film, maar niet zo heel goed, heb er al betere gezien. Je ziet het allemaal goed aankomen, dus zeker geen suprise... het enige dat ff nadenken was was de laatste 5 seconden van de film, daar denk je dan zo iets van, getvrrrr.... niet verwacht :-)

Sean P (es) wrote: While Turner kept reminding me of Karen Gillan in her acting, the movie itself has been done before. No real surprises.

Jacob M (us) wrote: This is a GREAT film. I have watched it over and over. As an Apple fanatic this film was great!

donna e (jp) wrote: as usal great action

Itamar K (kr) wrote: In the hands of a director with a vision, State And Main could have been an excellent little film. Instead David Mamet directed it himself and it turned out to be remarkably mediocre, at best. The dialog is good, as Mamet's generally is, but the pace of the movie is terribly dull, and the delivery of the lines is completely flat, which is a shame considering it's filled with top-rate character actors, none of which reach their full potential. Being a sucker for films about filmmaking I really wanted to enjoy State and Main, and I did, at times, enjoy the satire and the observational humor, but it's better read than watched.

Keyta M (ru) wrote: I LOVE THIS MOVIE TO DEATH it's so suspence and sad

Mitsy L (us) wrote: It's Jack Nicholson, so I'll give it a look.

Barry H (es) wrote: Good movie, not at all scary though it is sad :'(

Private U (gb) wrote: don't waste your time&money.....baad!!!!

Ca M (it) wrote: It can be enticing at times, but had a lot of weak moments. A decent teen angst movie.

Harry W (mx) wrote: With Sean Connery being a legendary actor and Catherine Zeta-Jones said to be at some of her most vivacious, Entrapment sounded like an intriguing thriller.Entrapment is a film with a severly poor plot. Intended to be a caper film, it had the potential and the budget to be a big scale heist feature but instead descended into a dull and repetitive movie. Most of the film is spent doing nothing but depicting repetitive training sequences, brief heist moments and a heavy focus on the melodramatic nature of Virginia "Gin" Baker and Robert "Mac" MacDougal's relationship. When a caper film puts the majority of its focus onto a passionless romance while the rest of the film collapses around it, it turns out to be a large failure. And if people haven't learned that from countless other films in history, then perhaps Entrapment is the breaking point. The entire film is an overblown and dull affair which has uninteresting characters and a dull script.Entrapment should want to be a heist film, but in actual fact it ends up so focused on the banter between the main characters that it loses sight of its potential. The concept of a romantic affair between a young woman posing as a thief and an old man with thievery as an expertise is not that appealing on the surface, and since the film is so overblown it tries to ignore the fact that there is genuinely no chemistry between them. It doesn't surprise me considering that there is a general lack of effort put in by anyone involved in the film. Either way, the film is a wasteful one which offers the presence of legendary actor Sean Connery and attractive actress Catherine-Zeta Jones without any sort of originality, wit or substance whatsoever. I mean, I expected Entrapment to be a film which focused on style over substance, but I did not expect it to end up being so much of a waste. At least, Entrapment could have contained a decent amount of strong heist scenes. Alas, there is so much focus on the meaningless nature of the characters in the film that the potential for it to turn into dumb fun cannot even happen. It goes for a large scale but focuses way too much on the most arbitrary elements of the story all because it drags in a romantic subplot which it cannot find anything to do with. The screenplay in Entrapment is truly a stupid one because it fills the film with generic and melodramatic dialogue without any sense of life. Since Entrapment is such a familiar film, viewers would hope for some fun in the gimmicks. Entrapment is legitimately so poorly plotted, scripted and directed that I really wonder if anyone was actually trying. The gimmicks do not wear thin, they actually never come up in the film for a second which is surprisingly dull. It tries to set itself apart from countless other films by shoving in a surplus of ridiculous plot twists which do nothing but make the film even more ridiculous, farfetched and unlikable than it already is. Entrapment starts out poor, gets bad quickly and then descends even lower without any mercy, and not even the presence of a likable cast can save Entrapment from being the truly dreadful and boring spectacle that it is.Catherine Zeta-Jones is just terrible in Entrapment. It seems like the main intention of Catherine Zeta-Jones' character Virginia "Gin" Baker is to convince Robert "Mac" MacDougal that she is a thief. This makes the film more artificial because she cannot even convince viewers that she is there for anything more than strictly how she looks because her performance is absent of any sense of charisma whatsoever. One of the most popular criticisms of Entrapment is the amout of focus put onto Catherine Zeta-Jones' butt, and although it is hardly as explicit as you might think, the few seconds of the film where the camera focuses on her posterior outshine the other 113 minutes she is on screen. Her performance is a dreadful one which is absolutely bereft of any spirit or anything worthy of praise. Catherine Zeta-Jones reveals that she is not ready to be tackling any sort of leading role in a big budget film because she is the one who has to hold the film up on her back the majority of the time in Entrapment which she just cannot do, even when Sean Connery is around to help her out.Sean Connery fails viewers in Entrapment. In a role slightly similar to the one he played in Michael Bay's 1996 action film The Rock, Sean Connery plays the old man whose still got the ability to steal and escape. The difference is that considering Entrapment sacrifices cheap fun for overblown melodrama, it does not end up coming within miles of his role in The Rock. Sean Connery deserves a better film than Entrapment and seems to be one of those films he just did for the paycheck. I hope it payed nicely because his performance in Entrapment is so bereft of charisma or spirit that it fails to make any sense of positive impact whatsoever. He remains monotonous the entire time, delivering every single word in the same basic tone of voice without a hint of emotional involvement whatsoever. He is spiritless and bereft of any sort of charm whatsoever, not even with the slightest hint of joy that comes from legitimately any of the other performances in his career. Entrapment may feature a career-worst performance for Sean Connery which has none of his distinctive charms for even a second. The only cast member who brings any sense of charm to the film is Ving Rhames in his minor supporting role. It is so small that it lays down little to no effect on the film, but fans of his can rejoice at the fact that his small role in Entrapment is the one performance which is the slightest bit good, unlike everything else in the film.So due to lifeless acting, a repetitive and overblown plot and not even a hint of originality, fun or sensibility, Entrapment is a film which traps its viewers into wasting two hours of their life.

Kaiyaque E (nl) wrote: Fascinating and beautiful photography and phot0graphic effect. Dream-like and convoluted story, requiring close attention to pick out the underlying metaphor from the thrill photography. Weakest segment was the urban skiing. The skill of the skiers was incredible, but the shifting focus and flashing made following the action irritating. Mountain episodes were excellent.