William & Kate

William & Kate

William & Kate is the first of two unrelated American television films about the relationship between Prince William and Catherine "Kate" Middleton (now The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), directed by Mark Rosman and written by Nancey Silvers. The film was a ratings success, despite the negative reception from critics. The second film William & Catherine: A Royal Romance was produced by a different company and released in August 2011.

Handsome, smart, charming prince William, eldest son of Charles prince of Wales, becomes Scotland's oldest university St. Andrews's first-ever royal student, hoping to minimize contact with... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott W (nl) wrote: Great title but the film doesn't quite live up to it. The funniest bits are the two scenes with Rhys Darby. I don't think the love vibe between the two leads is strong enough to sustain the story.

Garrett J (ru) wrote: there is nothing remarkable about this movie. there is a few laughs but the most disappointing part is that the movie keeps mitchell and webb apart for most of the film. they work best a a comedy team when they're firing off one another and this film has none of that.

Armando B (ca) wrote: First of all I don't like that horror movies are coming out with the rating og PG-13, why??? is the big question, thats why they fail big time. This film was okay even tho I rhink that its no r based on true events, yes it does has some gory scenes and they were good, but then there were these scenes that I did not like. The story is okay , the acting was solid, but it's not that scary as other people are saying. So for this being an okay horror movie, but in my opinion they need to step their game up more, I give " The Possession " a C.

Matthew S (fr) wrote: It takes a lot to make such a strong cast dull, but this movie manages to do that.

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Anne H (kr) wrote: The movie is filmed from the perspective of German women (arisch) who had German Jewish husbands.

Bloodmarsh K (de) wrote: Only in America can a cop this crooked be considered 'one good cop.'

Leif N (fr) wrote: There needs to be more movies about hockey. And better ones.

Thomas P (it) wrote: Loved the opening sequence and music, but it fell into uninteresting caricature and annoying blandness.Blah.

Kevin M W (nl) wrote: The Brits in the 60's did their own take on Thurber's popular Walter Mitty in this updated tale of a dreamer who is happiest in dreams. The climax, wherein our hero is offered the chance to finally live his dream, is the uncomfortable reality that known comfort might be better than unknown, and possibly uncomfortable, freedom. What makes this film interesting is how it summed up quite nicely the youthful unease felt by its generation and the forthcoming social revolution.

David J (fr) wrote: Hollow Man is a very exciting horror remake, even if it isn't as good as Paul Verhoevens other sci-fi flicks.

Adrian Z (ru) wrote: Having spent summers at beach communities in the 80s, made this light film more appealing than it might have otherwise, especially when the period has been captured so well. Marcello Conte plays a painfully shy ninth grader on his summer vacation, who starts to gradually come out of his shell as he makes friends and challenges a local bully to a ping pong match, with the help of a somewhat reclusive neighbour (Sarandon). If the thin plot seems like something plucked right out of an 80's movie involving a kid, karate, and an Okinawan building maintenance man, well, it's probably aiming to be a well meaning homage, even if it never soars as high as it's inspiration.

Ken C (ru) wrote: A very interesting look inside the pharmaceutical industry, but what keeps this chick flick from hitting it's mark are the bad, sometimes strange acting and the gross directing from Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau. Good for women i guess and some men might find it somewhat interesting but it's nothing memorable or worth watching a second time, probably good for a date night at best.