On a remote farm in the sweeping hills of Pennsylvania, three lives are torn apart by love, abandonment, deception and murder.

On a remote farm in the sweeping hills of Pennsylvania, three lives are torn apart by love, abandonment, deception and murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric H (au) wrote: This tangible, romantic, political and conversational tale about a truly dedicated anti-Nazi who some thought would jeopardize the national security of Sweden due to his outspoken publications about Nazism and possibly drag his country into the war, is set in West Sweden before and during the Second World War in the 1930s and early 1940s and is impelled and reinforced by its cogent narrative structure, substantial character development, quick-witted dialog and the remarkable acting performances by Danish actor Jesper Christensen, Swedish actress and director Pernilla August, Swedish actress Ulla Skoog and Swedish actor Bjrn Granath.

Paul H (nl) wrote: In English it is called "District 13" I thoroughly enjoyed this fast moving French thriller. Lots of Kung fu and martial arts action. Has high production values, so a good quality film.Film 4 have it and you may catch a re run.Reminiscent of the matrix but without the added dimension. Does have a deeper message than most of these sorts of movies as you would expect from the French.

Carlos S (jp) wrote: #249 - How do people watch this dire shite week in week out??? Man from NASA seeks out childhood nanny and sets about saving village whilst singing and dancing like a prick....seems viable....thank god its not 195mins long!!!!!

Po Po L (gb) wrote: i like this film.i know her paralised boyfriend want her to get a better man, but i dont think its a good idea if she told him i love u and i m not gonna let u go.. its really a bastard.

Camille L (de) wrote: A l'image du premier opus, Dr. Dolittle 2 est un film tres sympathique, visuellement splendide avec ses effets speciaux parfaits, qui beneficie encore une fois d'un Eddie Murphy en forme olympique qui en fait des caisses pour le plus grand plaisir de ses fans. Kevin Pollak est excellent en mechant et les doubleurs des animaux abattent un travail impressionnant. Pas inoubliable, mais franchement bien foutu. (Et il y a Arnold Schwarzenegger dedans.)

Jhon P (gb) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Jaylen A (gb) wrote: watched this all the time when I was little

ChillinDylan G (au) wrote: My favorite animated movie of all time. The book was a masterpiece, and the film adaptation did not disappoint. This is NOT a kid's movie - it is dark and has very deep, adult themes. Plenty of violence and blood. Being made in the '70s, the animation isn't as crisp as today's animated films, but it is a beautifully hand-drawn animation that is very detailed. This is a fantastic story with our innate life/death struggle at the forefront. If you can find it, watch it.Grade = 9.5/10

Sgt C (fr) wrote: (70%)The "Lawrence of Arabia" of soul cinema. A superbly entertaining final chapter to the biggest name in blaxploitation. The James Bond references are great fun and the quality of production is really quite good. A must watch for all fans of 70's action cinema.

Brian K (au) wrote: Quite frankly, a decent but ultimately overrated Dracula adaptation.

Ellen P (au) wrote: "Lobsters dancing in a row..."

Ronnie N (it) wrote: I think I can see why girls might like the movie but I can also understand why the movie is hated so much The characters: they are okay but there's little to zero development he's a control freak he's a stalker and he's creepy she just falls for him without knowing anything about him the dialog is alright for the most part but is cringy at times It's a softcore porn which means everything is shown except the penis and the pussy her boobs are shown a lot which I loved Well that's pretty much all I have to say if you like it cool if you don't Cool I must say though if you like because the guy is controlling than you are stupid because the guy is everything pretty much that girls are suppose to hate about men if you like the movie because of the male character then you should be ashamed of yourself

David B (it) wrote: With bad acting and a cookie cutter plot, Gods of Egypt really is a stinker of a film.Throughout the film I couldn't help but feel that the more experienced cast members weren't fully taking this seriously with a lot of scenery chewing, especially from Gerard Butler whilst Brenton Thwaites is painfully out of his depth as the films lead.As bad as the acting and story is, that isn't even the worst part of the film. The CGI is so bad that at times it looks like a film from the 90's. If the bad acting didn't break the immersion, the dodgy CGI and blatant green screening certainly will.The only positives I can think about for Gods of Egypt are that it does at least finish and it flopped so bad that it will never get a sequel. Don't waste your time on this crap.