Robbers Ace and Scratch are caught in the act of robbing a casino vault and are caught after a long chase by the owner of the casino, who chooses not to send them to jail but instead hires ...

Robbers Ace and Scratch are caught in the act of robbing a casino vault and are caught after a long chase by the owner of the casino, who chooses not to send them to jail but instead hires ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe P (ca) wrote: "Europa Report" is an intense, scientifically plausible low budget hard science fiction film which I very much enjoyed. However, its plot is essentially identical to a chapter from the novel: "2010: Odyssey II" by Arthur C. Clarke. Likewise, the movie uses commonly practiced formulas such as on by one pick offs and technological malfunctions. I regularly see films where the characters miracally beat the odds and survive a near death situation (eg. Gravity, Interstellar, every Star Trek episode) which annoys me very much. This was not the case in "Europa Report" resulting in extra tension when a problems arose during the film.

Cheewai L (kr) wrote: Present day slavery."Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." -- Marti Luther King JrThe only blemish in this docudrama - almost the entire cast speak in BBC accent.

Bolivar Martin V (ca) wrote: The only capoeria movie ever made and it was filmed in Miami.

Al M (ca) wrote: A solid follow-up to the original, Frank Henenlotter again delivers a truly unique and bizarre blend of horror, comedy, and gore that somehow manages simultaneously to be creepy, gross, funny, and somewhat touching all at the same time.

Nate L (it) wrote: bob hoskins is brilliant and cathy tyson is so enticing.

Alex H (ca) wrote: Lifeforce is an interesting blend of sci-fi with the classic fantasy vampire tale. It's layered with creepy and fascinating practical effects - but sometimes it takes itself too seriously, and it drags on for fifteen minutes too long.

Brian F (us) wrote: When sitting down to watch Morons from Outer Space, I was not expecting a British Spaceballs. For crazy senses of humor only.

Jonathan G (fr) wrote: Silly over the top but funny and jason statham does a great job overall it's a movie I can watch over and over

Rangan R (au) wrote: A tale of the man who gave a breakthrough in the human psychology.A movie about the experiments on the human behaviour and for us, there's nothing in it but to study those characters along. This is more a documentary than the cheerful characters and the story with a twist. So forget it if you are looking for an entertainment film.Based on the true story of an American social psychologist Stanley Milgram. The film narrates the story of his controversial experiments and personal life that takes us back to the 60s. Not all the discoveries were accepted in its first revelation. Sometimes it takes time to realise its benefits like perhaps this one.The film was boring because it was a drama about an important turning point in the human psychology. So all the major parts of the story were just talking and it never required physical stretch from its characters like running and chasing around. If you're interested in psychology and its related stuffs, then you might like it.Besides, the romance was a small part of what the film was focused on as its title mentioned. It does not mean I dislike it for not enjoying. In fact, I would have rated it better only if it was a documentary film. But still I'm happy with the product. Overall a decent film with the decent performances.6/10

John A (es) wrote: Batman:Bad Blood Is The Latest In The DC Universe Original Movie. The Gotham City night sky erupts in flames as Batman battles Firefly, Tusk & Killer Moth. When the smoke clears, Batman is missing & the mysterious Batwoman is the only witness to the events. Now with the bat signal going unanswered & a city on edge, Nightwing & Robin form an uneasy alliance with Batwoman & newcomer Batwing. Together they'll fight against a new villain, Heretic. DC have been owning the world of animated movies, while Marvel have been owning the cinema market. Once again DC have produced another great animation, with excellent storytelling and entertaining action scenes, these cartoons are usually based on the comic storylines for a teenage audience, & they always tend to pull them of successfully.

Mloy X (it) wrote: Coach Meister (Jay Thomas): "I wanna have kids some day."Mr. Holland (Richard Dreyfuss): "You ought to find a wife first."Coach Meister (Jay Thomas): "I don't want kids that badly."I remembered there was so much press surrounding this film when it first came out, and I have to admit, rightfully so because this was excellent. The cast was simply amazing, and they had some heavy-weights in this film too: Richard Dreyfuss, in the title role of Mr. Holland, who has made a career out of being a wonderful actor was no less perfect as Mr. Holland. Then, of course there is Olympia Dukakis ( Principal Jacobs) who was equally as brilliant and the ever talented William H. Macy (Vice Principal Wolters). Even the supporting cast did an awesome job: Jay Thomas as Coach Meister was absolutely hilarious, adding just the right touch of humor in the film and the standout performance in the whole film (IMHO) was given by the ethereal Jean Louisa Kelly, who played the talented songbird Rowena Morgan. The story was simple and touching; no explosions or twisted conspiracy plots, just a story about one of the most underappreciated professions in the entire world, a teacher. What's more impressive in this film was the way they aged Mr. Holland, using the tried-and-true method of make-up artistry and prosthetics since I think this film was pre-CGI. It was truly impressive work for the time. Overall, the story was beautiful and characters were lovable; it definitely the epitome example of giving thanks to an otherwise, often overlooked position and person. Brilliant!!!