Windows Looking Inward

Windows Looking Inward

Five directors portray five Basque political prisoners. A young woman counts the days remaining before she is arrested. A man returns to society after 17 years in prison. A mother records ...

Five directors portray five Basque political prisoners. A young woman counts the days remaining before she is arrested. A man returns to society after 17 years in prison. A mother records ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Noel P (ca) wrote: What a gem of a film, it makes me want to be a better chess player, just not an obsessed one!

Tom C (gb) wrote: This movie just shows that the French are getting better and better with their action movies. I ust felt that the last fight scene was disappointing and could have been that bit more. The Tag line "ong bak on steroids" i is over-exaggerated but the film is definitely one of the best Thai Kick boxing movies.

Shashank W (fr) wrote: Playing, tonight....

Bridgette F (es) wrote: never take advantage of love. i liked this movie.

Richard L (ca) wrote: Pretty terrible for the classic title and claims of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The actual transition between Jekyll and Hyde that is meant to kill Lanyon was absolutely disappointing. Not to mention Hyde wasn't horrifying at all, just looking like a man with sleepless nights. And most of the movie surrounded the court case and he tore up the envelope. Utterly disappointed, not to mention Utterson being replaced by a girl.

Koji Y (fr) wrote: One of the best films of the series. Each character's story can turned into its own film. A tattooed female assassin who seeks revenge against the master swordsman who uses the flaming sword, her father who wishes for her death so that she stops living the life of hatred and bloodshed, a sword master who lost his status as the official Tokugawa clan executioner in the match against Ogami Itto and now seeks revenge on his disgrace he's lived with, and most of all, Ogami Itto with his son Daigoro who's on a journey of bloodshed to seek revenge on his wife murdered by Yagyu Retsudo.

Samantha S (nl) wrote: Ken Russell directing Michael Caine? gotta see this.

Stefanie C (fr) wrote: The Italian auteurs? cinematic roots were in neo-realism, yet diverged as their respective styles developed. Aside from Pasolini's political leanings, it is easy to forget he is part of the tradition. This early film is representative of the genre with its trademark usage of natural settings, unknown actors, and class exploration. Yet, it also diverges by casting a well-known actress and idiosyncratic camerawork. Pasolini?s incorporation of the marginalized and psycho-sexual themes (think Oedipal) are his own unique signature. What ultimately sticks with me in this film is the priest?s statement to Mamma Roma regarding Ettore: 'You can't make something from nothing.' Yet, this is precisely what Mamma Roma is attempting to do with her son and herself. This is a damning declaration against petit bourgeois values and attempts to move above your class. Anna Magnani as Mamma Roma is larger than life, high spirited, hard working, but is an unredeemed character. This is a visionary indictment of the human spirit ~ an implied consequence of Italy?s political inheritance.

Andrew L (ca) wrote: This hardcore revenge fantasy features a fine central performance from the intense Considine, but a lazy ending disrupts an otherwise excellent example of British indie filmmaking.

Scott P (it) wrote: "Entertaining" is the best word to describe this quirky little comedy. Not much of a plot, but Julianne Moore and Nathan Lane keep it funny while Greg Kinnear plays one of his not-so-loving father roles. The acting makes up for what the movie lacks. Enjoy!

Melanie B (de) wrote: it was funny and couldn't stop thinking but it.

Deepak M (kr) wrote: Loved the first part of the movie, but the second part was kinda sad and boring.