Joe Enders is a gung-ho Marine assigned to protect a "windtalker" - one of several Navajo Indians who were used to relay messages during World War II because their spoken language was indecipherable to Japanese code breakers.

Two U.S. Marines in WWII are assigned to protect Navajo Marines who use their native language as an unbreakable radio cypher. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Windtalkers torrent reviews

Frej M (es) wrote: Just terrible and not funny.Too many but jokes.In total just generally not funny

Russell H (ag) wrote: Me and my friends would win this competition.

Nick G (us) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

James H (kr) wrote: 5.5/10. Better than I was expecting. The cast works well together and do a fine job. The writing was very humorous at times. It also did drag from time to time, but overall not to bad. Maria Bello gives a sincere performance.

Liam J (au) wrote: Kind of like the "kids" for meat. An Ernestesque plot where a serial Rapist goes to Africa and in infescted with the ebola virus. He then returns to hong kong and feeds people Ebola infected human flesh. Hilarious over the top black comedy, and it stars that dude from Hard boiled! not that one! That guy! yessss!

Charles P (it) wrote: The script is full of outrageous implausibility, and every scene is stretched to breaking point.

Alex V (es) wrote: Not feeling it... didn't even finish. OUCH

Adam A (kr) wrote: The acting and the visuals has gone up much since the 60s version, however the drama has decreased due to a overdramatic soundtrack and lack of humanity through its script.

Edgar C (fr) wrote: Finally, Truffaut's third masterpiece is here, and this one seems to be carrying his unique voice, almost devoid of all influences, like he did with his debut.The opening segment presents an utopian setting, maybe an imagined funeral of the protagonist. It is obvious who died, as a parade of women arrive in their cars, some amused, some surprised, a couple of them mournful, throwing roses and dirt to the tomb of this... ummm...Womanizer? Don Juan? Addict?Let's find out in the following 118 minutes.What follows is a marvelous comedy full of romance, which is certainly not the same as a romantic comedy. A man seeks women, often resorting to shocking means just to make a female acquaintance. How is he? How does he think? Well, he is an admirer of the female aesthetics, their figure, their varied personalities, their high or low heels, of big breasts during the winter and small breasts during summer, and most importantly, skirts. Every time he scores, or every time he fails (less probable), he decides to put the anecdotes together in a way that resembles a diary since the beginning, which progresses to an autobiography later, which then becomes a finished novel that is seeking to be published.If you're reading this plot description and feel indignant or perceive it overused, don't give up! That's barely the surface. Morally, of course, the plot sounds repulsive, but under Truffaut's lens and his mastery at narrative, the film becomes, as said, a masterpiece.To begin with, it is not necessary that the film spells out that the protagonist is walking towards his own destruction. Somehow, the film takes the hardest route and transforms Bertrand into a likeable character, even funny. He is not necessarily the handsome type, but he is an expert at what he does. Also, no matter how eloquently he can put his experiences and admiration for women into words, it is clearly an obsession. He's addicted to women. This moral flank, however, is not the main purpose of the story to cover. Truffaut's followers should know he makes comedies, and this was no exception. Not even his Antoine Doinel series was finished. But it doesn't stop there.L' Homme qui Aimait les Femmes also reveals its true faces halfway through. Whereas the first half was a classy introduction to the character and an effectively funny representation of his adventures, the second half becomes a fully layered psychological and emotional analysis of the character, transforming his in-progress novel into an exercise of self-consciousness and self-judgment intertwined with philosophical resonances. In some segments, he seems to explicitly state his awareness of his obsession. "I want them all, even if I can't." From a comedy, we have then an engaging analytical drama with interesting sequences mirroring the process of literary criticism in a meta-art form, which adds brilliant layers of depth to the film. There's a true dissonance from the extreme character of Delphine in the first half, to the dialogue with Vra on the second half, the latter remaining as my favorite scene.Subject to a hideous U.S. remake by Blake Edwards (famous for the cinema adaptations of The Pink Panther series) starring Blake Reynolds, L' Homme qui Aimait les Femmes is a story that explores the obsessive compulsions of a calculating man suffering in the areas of his life because of his decisions, while the screenplay discusses several angles and definitions of big terms such as "love", "sex" and "romance", without necessarily putting all the blame to men! There are also a couple of crazy women out there!97/100


Augustine H (ru) wrote: In 160 minutes, this film serves as an overview of the important events in the Western USA, namely the exploration, the Gold Rush, the Civil War, the conflicts with Indians and the train robberies. For those who are not familiar with the US history, it is a perfect and entertaining enrichment; to the US residents, it is a perfect teaching material of patriotism, with a considerably neutral selection of themes. By the way, the buffalo scene is amazing.

Ted W (gb) wrote: Love robin williams, he's funny even when he's a scientist. It's sad what happened to robin, sad but still love his movies. He gotta make that wedding. Love flubber!!! He better show up to the wedding.

Nick V (ru) wrote: Cliche movies bite. The whole time I kept wishing for a gas leak to ignite and incinerate one of the most unlikable group of characters ever I've ever seen on screen. Great, you're in your twenties. Get over it.

Danny R (gb) wrote: Lewis Gilbert's thrilling highly entertaining fifth entry for Sir Sean Connery, who delivers a commanding performance as superspy James Bond. Gilbert fashions a thoroughly enjoyable slice of escapism brimming over with witty dialogue and amazing action sequences. "You Only Live Twice" takes place entirely in Japan, this time the criminal organization SPECTRE is backed by Red China, where from a Japanese island they send a mysterious specially designed intruder rocket to hijack American and Russian spacecraft by swallowing them up and bring them back to a secret volcano rocket base in the sea of Japan pushing both superpowers to the brink of World War III. Bond is sent to Japan to discover who is behind the hijackings in space and stop them, Bond's ally in Japan is Tiger Tanaka wonderfully played by Tetsuro Tamba, the youthful head of the Japanese Secret Service, he and Bond forged a strong working relationship. For the very first time we see number one the evil head of SPECTRE, Ernst Stavro Biofeld superbly played by the late legendary character actor Donald Pleasence, he takes the movie to a higher level with his portrayal of this vicious psychotic megalomaniac. The climactic assault of the volcano base by Bond and Tanaka's Ninja army is one the most spectacular action sequences in the history of the cinema. Ken Adam deserves to be showered with accolades for his magnificent set designs, the pinnacle being the gigantic volcano rocket base which is breathtaking, Freddie Young's extraordinary cinematography, John Barry's beautiful score, a great title song sung by Nancy Sinatra, with Maurice Binder's wonderful main title design all add up to a fantastic fast-pace pull-out-all-stops action filled Bond adventure. Highly Recommended.

Movie M (de) wrote: "Meet The Blacks" tries to be a hilarious, classic parody movie, but does an utterly terrible job at that. The comedy is extremely cheap, and relies on cameos to basically carry the jokes. The characters are very poorly made, the daughter is extremely annoying, and Zulay Henao (Lorena) does a near awful job with her role as the mother. The movie parodies "The Purge" but has almost no correlation to it, literally the only thing connecting is the fact that there is a purge in the movie, and trying to be its own movie was a terrible mistake. Almost all the jokes in this movie just centre around the fact that the family is black, which make the jokes extremely dry as the movie goes on. "Meet The Blacks" is a very cheap, poorly done wanna-be parody, that isn't worth wasting anyones time.