Wing and a Prayer

Wing and a Prayer

An aircraft carrier is sent on a decoy mission around the Pacific, with orders to avoid combat, thus lulling Japanese alertness before the battle of Midway.

An aircraft carrier is sent on a decoy mission around the Pacific, with orders to avoid combat, thus lulling Japanese alertness before the battle of Midway. All the men have their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christine D (ru) wrote: A not so bad drama documentary. An up close look at events that happened in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It was a little dry but it was the nature of the movie.

aaron s (br) wrote: I'm wondering why they made a movie in this character, the plot made no sense, and the casting was garbage. the only good thing was the effects.

Antti Q (gb) wrote: It's funny how they recycle the sci-fi actors around, this is Stargate meets Farscape meets Firefly meets Eureka meets Sanctuary.Oh, and to beat the Replicators just use a popup blocker or disable JavaScript.

Shradha A (mx) wrote: This movie was a little disturbing - what it aimed to probably do! The cinematography was excellent and the nuances were well-thought out. A great lesson in human psyche as well and how ideas are more powerful as a war tool than guns or swords.

Amy S (us) wrote: Wow, it's just like me, except I doubt I have a goofy irish guy at the end of my story. I enjoyed this for what it was.

That Awkward G (de) wrote: They have a leak...WHO CARES?!

Ian W (jp) wrote: A superb performance from Michael Douglas. Exceedingly enjoyable and well acted. Not sure why I had not seen this until now.

Bryan P (ca) wrote: Universal soldier:the return sees Van Damme return to control the new soldiers in a unisol project. Soon things go wrong when S.E.T.H. the computer program that controls them goes wrong and sends them out of control. A low budget film with a poor storyline and very poor actors. This is the second movie in the universal soldier series

Ashley R (de) wrote: LOVE this movie...inspirational & sad. Wish I could run like Pre!! Go Pre Go!!

Craig F (kr) wrote: Overwroght, indulgent and kind of stupid.

JB R (de) wrote: An interesting action/adventure entry into Coscarelli's ouvre (this coming after Phantasm II). The film sets up its characters using High School cliches but soon all convention is thrust aside and Coscarelli turns up the action. The acting varies (Henriksen and Hammer are great) and the script gets pretty silly but overall this is a highly enjoyable adventure and holds up well after all these years.

Kenneth L (jp) wrote: This movie seemed produced to convert the skeptic in us all & was never ment to be a thriller though it managed to produce a few gripping scenes. I personally remain to be convinced even more than ever after this effective drama.

David T (br) wrote: westerns usually arent my COT

Rajiv G (kr) wrote: Objections on poster. But no one cares

ashley h (kr) wrote: I freakin love this movie!

Jacob D (nl) wrote: This is one of Burton's more underrated movies in my opinion.

Andrew L (ca) wrote: This is a bad movie. The plot does seem interesting but the scriptwriting was absolutely terrible. There wasn't a whole lot to do with the directing, other than a lot of out of focus shots that tells a small piece of the story. Unfortunately, nothing else is done with the directing to advance the rest of the plot. The acting is as good as you can get with a terrible script. Stephen Dorff, Michelle Monaghan, and Willem Dafoe give decent performances but if the movie was in better hands, the performances may have been a lot better. Definitely not worth the rent.

Christopher C (es) wrote: Slow build up the first half. Then the second half has lots tense build up to a final few crazy minutes. Some don't like that kind of thing, but I definitely dug it!