Wing Commander

Wing Commander

The Hollywood version of the popular video game series "Wing Commander". Unlike other video games to feature film transitions, series creator Chris Roberts was heavily involved in the film's creation. This is the story of Christopher Blair and Todd "Maniac" Marshall as they arrive at the Tiger Claw and are soon forced to stop a Kilrathi fleet heading towards Earth.

Blair, a fighter pilot, joins an interstellar war to fight the evil Kilrathi who are trying to destroy the universe. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Breana H (kr) wrote: Worst script ever written and so many cliches I literally could bang my fist against my head. I couldn't stand the acting nor the cliched western music to go along with it. If Michael Landon Jr. directed this it would be slightly better. The Love Comes Softly series has gone down hill and if this is trying to bring back any Little House on the Prairie then they are truly mistaken. Now who is going to burn this films horrible image out of my mind?

Arun G (ru) wrote: Trust Jaume Balaguer to make innovative thrillers. The screenplay is taut and well-executed. Luis Tosar is excellent as the antagonist.

Rod W (gb) wrote: Sucks!!! Huge sucking happening here.


Betsy W (ca) wrote: It was just about exactly what I expected. Great, I mean epic, monologues, good acting, mediocre directing and a loose storyline that is difficult to follow. Overall, I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who wasn't specifically interested in the dialogue because that is definitely the focus. As it should be.

Alexandra T (gb) wrote: too complex and got lost in translation.

Adrian F (ag) wrote: blood crime is slow, boring, unoriginal, and just a bad movie featuring james caan who is a good actor. you know the movie isn't going to be that great when its presented by the USA network. the storyline is dull as well as its pacing like i mentioned before. also, it has a bunch of austrailian actors using yank accents....that doesn't work out very well at all.

Alexander C (gb) wrote: Give it up already haha

Sasho M (us) wrote: i expected more as the actors are great. rock and roll lover will enjoy this.

Justin O (de) wrote: Some great stunts in this movie, though in China it's actually the 3rd of the series, and Yeoh and Cheung are the female versions of Jet Li and Chow Yun Fat.

Tony K (es) wrote: Deliciously snotty and tawdry, this B flick packs a great pulp-fiction punch.

Alia P (es) wrote: I know some people say this isn't one of their best films, but I don't agree. It is a bit atypical for a Powell/Loy flick, but this makes me like it all the more. Also, Bill Powell's fiance at the time, Jean Harlow died during filming. Despite this, he hasn't lost his funny, charming screen persona. Oh, I find it strange that this movie is called "Double Wedding", yet nobody actually gets married, so it's kind of misleading.

Ricky P (it) wrote: Fun, catchy songs, wonderful singing, and an upbeat happy feel make Grease a classic among the musical genre that will never get old

Chris H (au) wrote: Not a bad horror film by any stretch but not all that great either. It does enough to entertain fans of the slasher genre but is but a shadow of its predecessor.

David T (ag) wrote: The first half is awesome. The second half, however, falls into the "one of the worst screenplays in the world" category. Visual stunningness and excessive gore do NOT make up for a horribly written film. Ever. My least favorite entry in the series, and that's including Revelations. I think that says quite a bit.

Colton D (br) wrote: A fun, swashbuckling time that introduces an iconic antihero, impressive visuals, and a great villain, which makes for an entertaining adventure.

Rosemarie P (ca) wrote: Very good movie. I love Ed Burns and his movies!