Wings of Hope

Wings of Hope

Werner Herzog returns to the South American jungle with Juliane Koepcke, the German woman who was the sole survivor of a plane crash there in 1971. They find the remains of the plane and recreate her journey out of the jungle.

Werner Herzog returns to the South American jungle with Juliane Koepcke, the German woman who was the sole survivor of a plane crash there in 1971. They find the remains of the plane and recreate her journey out of the jungle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karsh D (nl) wrote: Fun musical with two soldiers readjusting to life on return to Edinburgh. The Proclaimers music gives it a feel good edge throughout

Jamie C (de) wrote: Low budget film.. But pretty good :)

Akash G (mx) wrote: Very tight undercover cop story....

Benjamin J (us) wrote: If someone told you that Thora Birch was an oscar/emmy nominated actress then this film would leave you wondering why. As soon as you see that something has been shot on a digital camera, you can only start to think "Uh-oh, it's a straight to DVD, Horror Channel premiere load of guff". However, this film was OK. It kept me entertained, as much as it is just David Lynch-lite. It's remotely more intelligent than your average horror, but very badly acted (with the exception of Birch) and awfully directed. It's full of bad editing where it's easy to see where they've spliced together several takes, perhaps even single lines here and there (watch the office scene where we're first introduced to Birch's work place to see what I mean. It screams of someone's college project).Bad direction, clumsy editing and ropey acting aside, this wasn't an awful way to spend 90 minutes (regardless of the vitriol that one reviewer had for it below). It's your standard indentity thriller so if you've seen Lynch's Lost Highway, Mullholland Drive or Inland Empire, this should be fairly easy to grasp and hardly anything new.

Abel D (fr) wrote: While some jarring tone shifts, especially in the first act, going from fun romp to brooding inner turmoil, and melodramatic dialogue may turn off some, Johnston's decidedly old fashioned desert adventure still carries a lot of the same strengths as its obvious influences and forebearers: strong performances from its capable cast, with Mortensen sporting a flawless American accent, fun, well shot set pieces such as a battle in a bandit town and the night raid on the racers' camp, and a bombastic, energetic score by James Newton Howard that will put a smile on your face.

Thomas P (de) wrote: a heartfelt, stellar indie doc about the Lost Boys of Sudan

Chris C (ru) wrote: Funny and irresistibly charming, What Women Want is another example of director Nancy Meyers' entertaining and touching direction and delivers a solid comedic performance from Mel Gibson.

Bethany H (gb) wrote: not a terribly deep film which is why i can watch it again and again, happily. makes me want to get back to iceland every time, and hop over to japan...

Malori C (au) wrote: Gene Wilder is amazing...and especially Dom Deluise

David J (ca) wrote: "I'm hired help just like you Siegfried."

Mallory A (au) wrote: A great examination of the depression and one guy who brought a guitar along in his trek to support his family. David Carradine's performance is one that deserves more recognition - he plays Guthrie with great humility, but also an air of complication.

Francois L (fr) wrote: wow.. excellent film, contient plusieurs momenst anthologiques,

Ian W (es) wrote: I have never seen this series before and I have to say I enjoyed this. I can see why it is a classic and helped make Clint Eastwood a household name.

Brett B (ru) wrote: An incredibly effective slow-burn mystery from Otto Preminger that culminates in an ending that is surprising and unsettling in a way that legitimately blind-sided me. Lynley does some excellent work in a role that could easily have been played over-the-top, and Olivier provides a strong center to identify with, but it's the well-executed screenplay that is really the star; it instills a strong sense of unease - a "something is very, very wrong" sort of flavor - that wonderfully foreshadows where the story is going without giving the whole game away. As evidenced by other reviews of this film, it clearly won't work for everybody, and those looking for a realistic drama should be advised that this isn't exactly that.

Brian B (mx) wrote: A gripping, compelling, star studded drama that will leave you on the edge of your seats begging for more. Director John Singleton has out done himself in what will forever be one of the greatest movies ever made.

William James S (gb) wrote: This is a much creepier version of the iconic children's story. Johnny Depp is just weird although he looks good and Freddie Highmore is always fantastic. It's directed in typical Tim Burton style and it's dark and a bit evil. This is not the happy-go-lucky musical that starred Gene Wilder, In fact, there's hardly a musical number to be seen, except some bizarre Oopmpa Loompa staged scenes. It always seems like everyone was on some interesting drugs when you watch a Burton film.

Joetaeb D (nl) wrote: It's technically proficient, but Inkheart is lacks the originality and narrative strings to join fairy tale adventures like Neverending story.

Anthony S (ru) wrote: Unsettling and unconventional. A rather strange film that sticks with you.