Wings of the Hawk

Wings of the Hawk

Gringo miner Gallager is caught up in the Mexican revolution of 1910-11 when corrupt administrator Ruiz appropriates his mine. Gallager saves the life of guerilla leader Raquel, then finds there's a price on his head; he becomes romantically involved with her in the course of a series of rescues and ambushes, leading up to Orozco's march on Ciudad Juarez.

Gringo miner Gallager is caught up in the Mexican revolution of 1910-11 when corrupt administrator Ruiz appropriates his mine. Gallager saves the life of guerilla leader Raquel, then finds ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy P (ru) wrote: So cheesy that after this movie I became lactose intolerance. Even though it was an action movie, it made me uncomfortable through out the whole movie in my seat for a decision on whether to shut the movie off or not.

Tiser T (us) wrote: Don't understand the negative reviews! Loved it! Very funny, even pokes fun at Tom's MI movies. Lots of action and chemistry between Tom and Cameron. Would have liked a sequel.

Mago B (it) wrote: Makoto Shinkai presenta un trabajo humano, agrio en todo el sentido de la palabra, y precisamente por ello, realista; en donde nos habla sobre cmo, por ms que no lo queramos, siempre nos terminaremos distanciando tanto fsico-temporal como emocionalmente de las personas con las que poseemos lazos. Muchos planos repartidos en la pelcula se tornan bastante simblicos, representando metforas visuales que tienen que ver con el cruce de caminos que transportan a distintas direcciones, los deseos ms idlicos que chocan con la realidad, y el alcance de la madurez y la determinacin.La animacin es bellsima, utilizando una paleta de colores pasteles brillantes y candentes ms que amena a la vista, que lo llenan todo de vida y de una sensacin confitada, que a fin de cuentas terminar contraponindose a la amargura que nos presenta la obra en s como resultado pstumo.

Lilianetty l (ru) wrote: Defenetly loved it! When the movie started I was seeing theater instead of a movie. You will think I'm mad, but the way it was filmed, it looked to me as I was watching a play in real life without being there really watching it. It was so interesting from that perspective, I enjoyed the 2 hours and 15 minutes it lasts. Really, a great job from director, crew and cast no doubt!Plot: Rembrandt is a famous artist or may I say painter from the 17 century. I never heard of him but now I will do research of his paintings (which the ones showed in the movie look amazing and very well done...yes, those are real ones or just copies of the real ones). But seriously, if this was Rembrandt life, it was a mix of tragedy with a long time drama that had a painful ending but still his paintings (arts) will be remember forever. Stars? Defenetly yes.Acting: Bravo Martin Freeman! Defenetly an excellent job. This man has made of this role his own, he nailed it. I was shocked in some scenes but anyway, it was a magnific job. Same from Eva as May, incredible actress and what a talent. Toby (my fave Dobby voice over actor) did also an explendit work. Emily, Natalie and Jodhi and the rest of the male cast, were explendit and marvelous. Really, no more words, since everyone here did an excellent job and defenetly this movie will be one of those inspirational movies I will re-watch if I get to have the chance to study it or do a play based on this century someday. Stars for everyone.Music: Best part evar. The musicians did also an incredible and bloody brilliant job! Loved it from start to the very ending. Stars for everyone too!To end this 7th Art review, 4 stars of 5. Enjoy and HASTA LA PROXIMA AMIGOS/AS! CHAO! BLESS YOU ALL!!!

ric I (gb) wrote: The Robinsons are amusing and likable enough for an hour and a half, but a lengthier exposure to any one of them would have any level-headed person desperately seeking out the number of a facility for the clinically insane. The film's childishly envisioned 'future' will likely appeal only to those without a nostalgic attachment to better bygone eras, and will seem nightmarish to anyone else-especially being home to loonies like the Robinsons. On the plus side, the main antagonist's background gives him more depth than that of the traditional born-to-be-wicked Disney villain, even if he remains ten times more pathetic than the worst of them. The film's more emotional aspects, particularly at the start of the film, show potential, but as the story progresses, one has to decide whether or not that potential was entirely wasted.

Sam M (kr) wrote: Almost all the credit goes to Penn and Fanning, this film will grow on you.

Sebastin S (br) wrote: The second movie is bettter because here the cgi looks too false

Sylvester E (ru) wrote: Every1 luvs.....BOUND!!!

Ash P (ca) wrote: It's actually not a bad film. It does go downhill a bit, but on top of it all, I enjoyed this film.

Jose F (mx) wrote: Never forget these times

Daniel M (ca) wrote: One of the greatest movies ever made, and my favorite of Coppola's even above The Godfather Part II.

Kelsey H (br) wrote: Not your average story- nice twist and Cage's performance was great as always.