Winnetou: The Last Shot

Winnetou: The Last Shot

Rollins' gang wants to grab land by inciting the settlers in a war against the Indians but Winnetou and Old Shatterhand try to keep the peace, until Rollins frames Winnetou up for the murder of Jicarilla Chief's son.

After the Civil War, desperadoes led by a renegade named Rollins, following the settlers moving westward, try to drive a wedge in the friendship between the whites and the Indians. Apache ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darren M (es) wrote: Absolutely loathed it. It was all I could do to not put my foot through the TV screen. Turned it off after 20 minutes as my hopes of an on-screen bloodbath rapidly receded. Give it a big swerve, I certainly wish I had.

Danny H (us) wrote: Drive-Thru is one of the cheesiest slasher movies I've ever seen, and I loved every second of it.

Ga L (fr) wrote: Huge waves, always good :)

Don S (ru) wrote: Amazing! Just to see how these people lived and struggled and survived. Wow.

Logan G (ru) wrote: This is my childhood and I am very grateful that it is. Though not necessarily unique or surprising, this film tells a overcoming all odds story in works with a bit of an environment message, as well as a story of loss and duty in a masterfully done way, basically the perfect animated inspirational film. Basically I'd call it typical, yet wonderful. As the critics consensus says it is visually stunning and has incredibly lovable animation in every part of the film, from the beginning when we first see our hero, the point where he first encounters this huge new enemy (humans) for the first time and the faster pace scene that follows, all the way to the end, every type of shot is directed in such incredible coherence with the style of art and the ways that beautiful art can be best utilized. Now for possibly the most important Pro to this movie, the score/soundtrack. Hans Zimmer doesn't just bring this film to life, he takes it and brings it right into your heart flawlessly. His music captures the feeling of the themes and feeling of the movie so well and the songs sung by Bryan Adams can just make you completely forget all the bad in the world and wonderfully compliments what our hero is going through. Also, it's easy to let yourself become extremely invested in every character even the smallest ones you only see twice, each and every character has an amazing amount of attention in making them believable and real which is not a particularly common thing to see in animated films. And of course being an animated film, it allowed them to put beautiful child-like humor, not in an immature way, but in an innocent and lovable way.There is more to this film than that of course, but those are the main reasons why I feel that this is a 'perfect' animated inspirational film.

Emir A (es) wrote: Loved this documentary, I'm a loyal WWE fan and its cool and interesting to see how much work they do backstage to make the show 10/10

Jeffrey B (it) wrote: Not a bad sequel, though this feels more fictional than its predecessors. At least it has a climactic final fight and still worth watching.

Ahmed T (kr) wrote: Beautiful and interesting. Sort of a Palestinian mixture of Cocteau and Godard : )

Carley E (de) wrote: Emma Brody is rash and sometimes downright stupid besides being a 'blind' witness to a murder. If this is your cup of tea, watch out - it's lukewarm and the tea biscuits are mushy.

Eliabeth M (es) wrote: CURFEW (2012)Este fue el ganador del Oscar como mejor corto del 2012. A pesar de ser un tema tan intenso, lograron condensar la historia exitosamente en tan poco tiempo.

Facebook U (it) wrote: I was expecting something dumb but it was not. Pleasantly surprised that the film had many clues we could understand and play along. Of course it was a bit like Batman, but not all that impossible to guess. Many ironic jokes that were the most obvious at the beginning and then got smarter as we went along. Rather light and funny. Well put together. Scenes with shooting and fire were looking very realistic. Bravo, old chaps!

Orlok W (br) wrote: A Giddy Up Western About Gun-Toting Gals--Not Half-Bad If You're Not Expecting High Noon... A Classy 'B' Western Exploitation!!

Melissa R (gb) wrote: Amazing movie!! Must see this!!