Winnie Mandela

Winnie Mandela

A drama that chronicles the life of Winnie Mandela from her childhood through her marriage and her husband's incarceration.

A drama that chronicles the life of Winnie Mandela from her childhood through her marriage and her husband's incarceration. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Asif H (br) wrote: Utter silliness but entertaining though.

sean s (gb) wrote: A weird comedy. But I found it very funny.

Dave J (de) wrote: Tuesday, January 3, 2012 (2007) Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck HORROR Another straight-to-rental low budget serial killer flick centering on disturbed real life killer Richard Speck who may have been molested by his dad(like most other serial killer films) which drove him to massacre a group of trained nurses. While watching this, I was like what more can this film show me what I can't find from online or from newspapers which is nothing. Very cheap with over acting that can make one cringe. 1/2 out of 4

Zack F (br) wrote: Do-Deca-Pentathalon is a fun and realistic depiction of brotherly competitiveness. The film's originality, lightness, and emotion makes up for the fact that the characters get dug into, but never deep enough to fully understand them.

Tom B (ru) wrote: Can you say VIKINGS? For what this film does, we think it's a bit of a gem. There are no special effects and minimal acting. The production values are stripped down and straightforward. The cinematography is breathtaking, as are the details of the production. The weapons, farms, and clothing all seem authentic. The story is not in the least anything remotely resembling what we find in a typical movie. However, there is a rhythm to the narrative. Bottom line is this feels like an authentic ancient narrative. The action on screen is so basic it is essential to have a narrator explaining what is going on. What actually happens onscreen is reminiscent to what happens in something like Atanarjuat, except this is Vikings instead of Inuit. What the filmmakers chose to do was execute a faintly literary narrative using contemporary cheesy action and sex. Interesting to us was the fact that even though there are a few moments of cheesy dialogue, it's not intentional, nor is it unnatural. And while the sex scenes are composed in a somewhat eighties style, they are in fact not superfluous, and rather indicate something of the original customs and do fit in the narrative. The difficulty most viewers will have is the atypical narrative and the initial awkwardness of the attempt at mainstreaming what is essentially a 10th century Icelandic narrative. Viewing this with academic eyes is pure bliss, for the action seems realistic, and the story realistic in terms of how small it really is. The fighting is between farms in a small coastal region. The scenery is extraordinary, and against it we see human figures in leather, wielding iron swords, riding small horses. The women are strong and integral to this narrative of Northerners fighting for supremacy. It is pagan and we see a great amount of authentic-seeming detail. Yes, it is also extremely violent, and yet what else would happen if someone swung a large sharp sword at your neck, except you would lose your head? In the end, we love the machismo and warrior-mentality, yet this is all tempered by an authentic-seeming story and context, with equally brave and strong macho women, none of whom are really macho, but rather driven to fighting and vengeance in an sparse stony environment that would harden anyone. Like the characters in the story, despite it's awkwardness, this one has a lot of heart.

Alex B (kr) wrote: The Tank Girl comics were a lot of fun. I've seen clips of this and it looks...So bad.

Gunpowder B (es) wrote: Slacker is the rare film that communicates eloquently only with thematic brilliance and conveys theatrics without a linear storyline or developing characters.

Michael S (de) wrote: creepy, weird, and very visual movie. liked it a lot.

Jocey D (au) wrote: Loved the books in my youth. Movie offered a lighthearted condensed interpretation of the grief experienced by the children. You adapt and do what you must to survive.

Sam M (kr) wrote: Pretty darn good if you're into pre-historic language films.

Tim H (jp) wrote: An out of work Engineer take a temporary job as a school teacher but struggles to impact the lives of his students. Well defined and understated performance by Poitier highlights this sometimes dated view of racial and generational clash.

Luis G (us) wrote: Ride the high country is a well directed and constructed western and as a early sam peckinpah film. It is clear he was meant to be a great director. The best highlights of this film is the cinematography and acting. I like randolph scott and i think he plays his role to perfection. I think though, the reason why this rating isn't as high as you'd might think is because i personally believe it lacks a certain spark to make it anything other than a good western. Its themes involves the sense of trust in another and particularly between the young and old. I think it employs this theme very well, but there are a couple of issues with this film for me. Firstly, the female character (mariette hartley) for me instead of acting as a clever plot device, she just seems to be an annoyance. I think the problem is when you set the main plot to be that three men are paid for the protection of transportation of gold to the bank, and then she interupts the whole process. Obviously, it wouldn't be much of a film without her, but the point still stands that she was an interuption mainly through her indecisiveness throughout the film, though to be fair her life was fairly tragic so maybe its just me. But apart that i would recomend this film to anyone who is into westerns (or sam peckinpah) but probably not for the casual film goer.

Danielle S (br) wrote: This movie pokes fun at the American view of Japanese culture following WWII and of the reconstruction of Japan following the war. Mostly it is just funny. It also gives me a view of my heritage even if the lens is skewed.

Jessica V (br) wrote: Love this movie!!! Though some of the acting was horrible, it was low budget so understandable. Lugosi is the best, and if you love him you just have to see this movie. the story was great in my mind and how zombies came to be great. wont tell you why as you have to see it just keep an open mind is all you have to do.

Ibraheem M (ag) wrote: Nothing funny about this film although it is not the worst of its kind.

Jack L (es) wrote: The Dead (1987) John Huston has always seemed to me to be very much an "American director", that is one of the reasons I haven't seen much of his work as I generally dislike those old American "Classics"; although I will admit that The Maltese Falcon was a good film. Yet this film, his final film, is very different from what you might expect if you're familiar with his other more famous films such as The African Queen and Treasure of The Sierra Madre. The Dead has nothing very flamboyant about it, it's not an adventure film or a mystery. It contains no Hollywood stars, was made on a small budget and it features no "heroic" plot And It's certainly not on such a grandiose scale as Huston's aforementioned films. Instead it's a rather simple film, it's very warm almost cosy. It depicts a simple family gathering, and is filled with entertaining, warm scenes which were hardly Huston's trademark. The Dead is adapted from the short story of the same name written by the Irish author James Joyce. It takes place during a gathering of friends and family for the Epiphany. The night is full of dancing, poetry reading, singing and piano playing and culminates in a meal. All this was entertaining enough yet I often wondered if there was anything more to the film, and then at the end as we see the couple of main characters discussing the past, the film got deeper and more interesting. The ending revelations and monologue of the main character, were very well done and quite thought provoking. It is set in Dublin, and most of the cast is Irish. So the film has an overall Irish feel to it, which isn't what I expected from one of John Huston's films. The Dead is a good film, it's not an exceptionally great film, yet it's a fun watch and I never really got bored. The whole film has obviously had a lot of work and a lot of love put into it, that's obvious right from the start, it is described as Huston's" labour of love". The camera work is pretty unremarkable throughout, it's very unintrusive and just leave the story to unfold itself. Although I did like the way the camera glided through the dancers, as if it were dancing as well. The lighting was very well done, it felt very authentic and generated the warm atmosphere very well. It was almost entirely filmed in studio's so before watching it is was a bit apprehensive as I generally don't like the almost claustrophobic feel of films filmed in studio's, yet I'm pleased to say, I didn't give that subject a second thought while watching the film. It makes very good use of the small space it has. The acting was good, nothing amazing but solid all around. I did think that Angelica Huston was a bit "too Irish" she seemed to be compensating for the fact that she was American while the rest of the cast were Irish. I also thought the Drunken character was rather overdone and he got slightly annoying, but no serious problem. Overall The Dead is an interesting, entertaining little film, it is not anything extraordinary and I wouldn't recommend putting on the top of your "to watch" list, yet if you stumble across it one day, as I did, you might find it well worth a look.

Ian H (gb) wrote: A must see film that really shows Morgan freeman in a completley different light!! Christopher Reeve "superman" in a film with Morgan freeman as a pimp!