Winning Streak

Winning Streak

Winning Streak is the astonishing story of a group of young down-and-outs who are presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; to change their luck and set off on the adventure of their lives. Thanks to an infallible method based on the roulette wheel’s imperfection, their lifestyle is about to become better than their wildest dreams, as they set out to break the banks at casinos around the world.

Winning Streak is the astonishing story of a group of young down-and-outs who are presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; to change their luck and set off on the adventure of their lives. Thanks to an infallible method based on the roulette wheel’s imperfection, their lifestyle is about to become better than their wildest dreams, as they set out to break the banks at casinos around the world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gav R (kr) wrote: outstanding filming, script and acting. Even Cantona is good

Michael T (it) wrote: Unusual concept for a comedy (terrorism) deftly mixes comedy with tragedy.

Dahane C (mx) wrote: this we'll I guess I was Bow Wow's daughter on rollbouce

Ana R (kr) wrote: It's interesting Hayden Christiansen is phenomenal

Hector C (gb) wrote: excelente pelicula de las mejores que e visto

Tom H (de) wrote: Reason number two why I don't fly.

Matt D (it) wrote: Stupid movie, lousy music. Jacqueline Bisset was hotter than the younger chick in this movie that gets it on with Rourke.

Danny R (jp) wrote: Abel Ferrara's bleak cult-classic is a deeply disturbing character study of a corrupt self-destructive twenty-year veteran police detective, played by Harvey Keitel in a powerhouse star performance, who has a serious drug and gambling addiction, he also is a sexual deviant who cavorts with hookers and takes gross advantage of teenage girls. Now this amoral police detective is investigating a shocking case of a young beautiful Catholic nun that was brutally raped and mutilated by two low-life youths, the nun has said that she forgives her attackers. This case affects The Lieutenant who is filled with Catholic guilt, he goes on a violent rampage to find the two young rapists, at the same time he is spiraling out-of-control and his of a collision course to disaster. Astute direction by Ferrara, with solid supporting performances by victor Argo, Paul Calderon, Leonard L. Thomas, Robin Burrows, and Paul Hipp, but its Keitel's impassioned highly impressive turn that dominates this intense nightmarish motion picture. Highly Recommended.

Ernest C (nl) wrote: This film is regarding as one of the classics of animation and while some modern audiences may consider the pacing too slow and story too thin, there is still beauty and elegance in what has been managed to be achieved on screen.

Ryan S (gb) wrote: May be a little too out there and philosophical in some ways, but there is no denying that the cave itself is incredible and the documentary is quite powerful

Elric K (ag) wrote: Brilliant and messy film just like the lives it depicts! The hide and seek from love is played out between a brother and sister who can only help each other. Wonderful !!

Leon B (ru) wrote: Review:This movie starts off intriguing but then it goes downhill once Jack (John Cusack), reaches the hotel, where most of the film is based. Its about a hitman whose asked by his crime boss to collect a bag and bring it back to him. All of the instructions are straight forward but he's not allowed to look in the bag, no matter what. Whilst waiting in a hotel for the collectors to get the bag, a bunch of random events makes the whole transaction harder than he thought. On top of that, a girl ends up in Jacks hotel room because she is trying to escape from her pimps. Once Jack has fort of the crooked cops and a couple of criminals, with the girl by his side, he then meets up with his crime boss to exchange the bag for loads of money but all is not what it seems. I was actually enjoying the movie before all the random events started to happen. I liked Cusack and DeNiro's character but the girl spoilt it because she distracted Cusack from the whole mission. I also thought that the storyline got out of hand after a while but when the story unfolds at the end, it actually made a lot of sense. By that time I had lost interest in the movie so I really wasn't that bothered about how the film was going to pan out. Anyway, the performances were average from Cusack and DeNiro and the script really wasn't that great. DeNiro wouldn't stop waffling on about rubbish, which got on my nerves after a while and I really didn't understand why Cusack just didn't open the bag when he first got it. At the end of the day, it was just a bad day at the office for these two veteran actors and I'm not surprised that this film went straight to DVD. Not that great!Round-Up:At one point in DeNiro's career, you would have never imagined his movies going straight to DVD but now it really isn't a surprise. I didn't understand why he had that awful wig and weird nose extinction in this film either! Anyway, this is the first movie directed by David Grovic who also produced the awful Dying of the Light with Nicolas Cage. Basically, its the second time that he had the chance to make a movie with some decent actors and he's made a right mess of it. There's a couple of twists near the end of this film which would have made the movie quite clever if the middle wasn't so sketchy. Anyway, I'm obviously not alone by saying that this movie really wasn't that great, judging by the movies takings but I really doubt that it will damage Cusack or DeNiro's reputation.Budget: N/AWorldwide Gross: $462,000 (Terrible!)I recommend this movie to people who are into their crime/drama/thrillers about a hitman who has to collect a bag for his crime boss but he's not allowed to look in the bag, regardless of the circumstances. 3/10

Matthew B (br) wrote: Harry Lime: "Don't be so gloomy. After all it's not that awful. Like the fella says, in Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love - they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock. So long Holly".The Third Man is about Harry Lime who has died in a car accident. Previously he had invited one of his closest friends to join him. His friend now must find out if the story is true and the mystery behind it.The Third Man or best known has Orson Welles second best movie with Citizen Kane still at number 1. This time Carol Reed takes the directing chair and not Orson Welles but I got to be honest here I actually thought that Orson Welles directed this movie just by the way it was shot and acted it looked like his kind of film, because while watching the movie I didn't do any research on the film so I just watch the movie without nothing about the film and while watching the movie I was wounding if Orson Welles directed it's not until the end credits when I find out that Carol Reed directed it. Orson Welles and Carol Reed are both genius when it comes to movies and The Third Man isn't anything different as this is one of the best movies ever made.Carol Reed directing in this movie is absolutely magnificent and pure cinema gold. At times I felt like I was watching a Orson Welles movie just by the way it was shot and how it was acted and how it was executed made it feel like another great movies all together in one. Carol Reed was a fantastic director for this movie as he made a brilliant mystery thriller like The Third Man. Nice work Carol Reed. The movie has this gloomy but yet a wide cinematic feeling to it that made this movie truly special then it is. With every shot in this movie that's both stunning and dazzling to my eyes. The famous scene in the sewers with that ionic image of Orson Welles is cinematography at it's best. Excellent work Robert Krasker the Cinematography of the movie. Joseph Cotten and Orson Welles both did a outstanding performance in this movie and so did everyone else in the film. Everyone in the movie delivered so much to they characters and to be honest I didn't find anyone else in the movie that did a terrible job. You can tell while watching the movie that these actors put a lot into they characters and it paid off brilliantly.Now for the problems that I had with this movie: I honestly didn't find a single thing that was a problem to me or even a flaw in this movie. You could say that it might be perfect, do I think it's perfect? well yeah, I do.Overall The Third Man is a movie that's absolutely worth checking out. These some other things in the movie that I could have brought up but to be honest and I do bring this up a lot and for good reasons. I want you the viewer to watch this movie like I did by not knowing much about the movie but only knowing the praise the movie got, I'm telling you to do this so you can experience what I experience. The Third Man is a classic at it's best.

stefn birgir s (de) wrote: Yes. The title says it all.

Shars249 (it) wrote: This movie was so bad it's not even worth spending my time explaining why or pointing out all the holes.