Gerrard Winstanley is the leader of a 17th Century religious group that believes the land should be owned communaly. He comes into conflict with both the state and the church.

Gerrard Winstanley is the leader of a 17th Century religious group that believes the land should be owned communaly. He comes into conflict with both the state and the church. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ela T (it) wrote: The film is about an alleged romantic relationship between the writer Garcia Lorca and painter Salvador Dali. I confess I had never read anything about it. The film was a pleasant surprise. Smooth shots. The presence of Robert Pattinson playing Dali is excellent. And he made this movie before filming "Twilight." Interesting to see the trajectory of two when young.

Dave J (mx) wrote: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 (2007) Brutal HORROR Another conventional straight-to-rental serial killer film occuring on a really small town that holds two deputies on it's district, and the murders which has something to do with flowers being planted on it's victims and hearts taken out, when at the same time Jeffrey Combs as Sherriff Jimmy tries to make attempts to devoid the situation altogether since he's trying to elect himself to a bigger and better position as D.A.! Low budget and unique with obvious acting and budget problems but it's nice to see well known baddie and bald actor Michael Berryman, who stands out the most of the lunatic characters in Wes Craven's original of "The Hills Have Eyes" playing a good guy role once in awhile as Leory whose autistic and manages dogs for missing people! 2 out of 4

Tatsuhito K (fr) wrote: Conventional, silly, beyond preposterous, but also funny, competently made, and thoroughly entertaining. I had a pretty good time watching "Get Smart". I laughed quite a bit and the set pieces were fun to watch.

Bill T (ru) wrote: Political style mockumentary about a Pennsylvania Senatorial candidate who's controversial stand on many topics makes him evil to some, and a second coming to others. Tim Robbins directs this very well, still not sure if I liked it or not, that character is a bit too ridiculous, It\s indeed Bob Dylan goes to the Senate and is fake like all the rest of them, but this gets too political for it's own good, and becomes diatribic at some points. We get it Tim, you're pissed at politics, would you like a bigger hammer?

Brady P (mx) wrote: Another stupid american remake of a great Japanese film.

Spay (es) wrote: I love this movie, and not just because John's in it. xD

Eric D (mx) wrote: At first glance, I knew that this movie had to be worth watching. A movie based upon an Issac Asimov novel. Issac Asimov; the father of science fiction. So, I encouraged some friends to accompany me to the movie. One of them counted 22 people walk out of the theater. It was SO BAD, that we were laughing AT the movie. And it wasn't a comedy. I was hiding my head in the adjoining seat cushion. SUCKED isn't a good enough word to describe it.

(jp) wrote: "All time high" sung by Rita Coolidge is definitely my favourite James Bond title song Ive heard so far. In this penultimate Roger Moores service to British Intelligence. Jaws was replaced by a turbaned villian, and later beam guns were superseded by spinning circular chain saws. The classical ending to the film was none other than the ticking atomic bomb being disarmed with only one second to spare by 007. Of course Roger Moore found himself in the arms of Octopussy, named after the deadly blue ring octopus, played by Maud Adams while they sailed into the sunset in a huge boat rowed by a bevy of Amazon beauties. It was tasteful to find Roger matched with Maud Adams instead of someone younger by more than half his age.

Jamie C (us) wrote: Really enjoyed it, Wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was, Eddie Murphy was brilliant but not as much comedy as I hoped but didn't matter much it was still a solid film with a good cast and a plot that usually does well.

Michael H (nl) wrote: Bill Hader, as usual, is simply amazing. There is nothing the man cannot do. The movie is funny, although I'm not sure I buy into Schumer really thinking she could clean up that easy. However, it's nice to see a subtle message that drinking, sexing, and drugging does not lead to happiness.