Winter Break

Winter Break

Viscerally experience a "year off" in Aspen, Colorado with a group of recent college grads who have elected to defer graduate school and career opportunities to ski, snow-board, climb, party, fall in love and basically live life to its absolute fullest out in this spectacular mountain town.

Four post-college men living in Aspen try to figure out what to do with their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Winter Break torrent reviews

Giovanni M (ru) wrote: The most positive thing I can say is at least he's not dressed in his Madea outfit.

Brandon S (ru) wrote: Should have stayed on youtube. Sad excuse for a cash in on a booming youtuber.

ka m (gb) wrote: Made for only 20million? Really?!?? Worth every penny. In these times, more movies need to be made for reasonable budgets. All out guy movie. Unrealistically fun.

Judy R (nl) wrote: A superb movie with a lot of emotional trauma for a young girl. I enjoyed it.

Curtis M (gb) wrote: everybody needs to watch this

Reece L (ag) wrote: Meryl Streep's realistic performance as the flawed lead elevates this formulaic, sentimental picture just past mediocrity.

Andrey B (au) wrote: It has very poorly crafted sides and at the same time some good moments, such as the mystic atmosphere and the very spectacular fight vs Reptile.

Brad S (de) wrote: This is an early Fellini work, during his Neo-realist period. It's a good film, and is semi-autobiographical. You can definitely see this films influence on Martin Scorsese, "Mean Streets" in particular. The score by Nino Rota really stood out for me, as his work usually does. The is a must watch for all film lovers!

Lou S (jp) wrote: I wish more movies ended with the hero blasting away at the camera.

Marilee A (nl) wrote: Some of my all time favorite Dance Numbers by Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire.This has the song "Lets Face the Music & Dance" in it.Lucille Ball plays a bit part in this too.This follows two Love/Hate relationships of two couples(Fred/Ginger & Randolph Scott/Harriet Hillard)complicated by the Navy, Fear of Commitment,&Showbiz Ambition.Heartwarming Musical

David K (mx) wrote: A load of cliches with tar power does not a good movie make. Avoid. Not even stupid enough to be fun.

Kyle C (au) wrote: It's a crazy bitch movie, it's been done better and it's been done worse. The two leads are as good as they can be I guess, but Leighton Meester plays Rebecca with zero personality which takes away from her craziness, not great but watchable.