Winter Butterfly

Winter Butterfly

Head of the household, 11 year-old Jin-ho lives with his sick mother who gathers and sells fire wood. The one thing Jin-ho is most scared about is his mother dying and being left alone in this world. One day he has an argument with her about his friend and goes to the mountains alone to gather wood. However, he has an accident and loses his way. His mother looks for him everywhere but can't find him. Jin-ho wanders around cold and hunger for several days and manages to come down from the mountains safely. He thought of his loving mother who would be waiting for him at home. But Jin-ho didn't know that everything that happened was just the beginning of unhappiness.

Head of the household, 11 year-old Jin-ho lives with his sick mother who gathers and sells fire wood. The one thing Jin-ho is most scared about is his mother dying and being left alone in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Li K (ru) wrote: One of the few movies in my life where I got too grossed out to continue and turned it off.

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