Winter Kill

Winter Kill

Someone is shooting the residents of a mountain resort town. Sheriff McNeill (Andy Griffith) must figure out the connection that links the victims and find the sniper before he (or she) kills again, and before the town council relieves him of duty

A sniper is killing residents at a winter resort. Who will die next? And why? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Krista B (es) wrote: I do give Welcome to the Jungle major credit for trying to breathe life back into the cannibal genre. Unfortunately, the problem with said genre is the plot possibilities are extemely limited, and everything worthwhile about Welcome to the Jungle has already been done by better films. This wouldn't be a problem (most slasher flicks share the same plot, after all), if Welcome wasn't missing the one staple that makes the cannibal genre stand out in the first place - heinous, sadistic torture and gore. Whether this is due to a lack of budget, creativity, or courage, the film suffers because of it and ends up feeling like a poorly made ripoff. However, Welcome strikes me less as a movie shamelessly swiping its predecessors' thunder, and more as an attempt to revive a dead genre and pay homage to cult classics. There's no harm in cannibal fans giving this one a try.

Duncan K (de) wrote: To be fair, this film succeeded at one thing. It managed to be even stupider, confusing and pointless than the predecessor.

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John P (ru) wrote: Had a LOT of potential at the beginning, but, as it moved forward, one could see the filmmaker losing his money. No explanation of the LAMEST looking zombies that resembled Gollum. Were they miners? Were they some kind of demon? We never know. So much unexplained. It seems the director ran out of money, threw his hands up, and just wanted to finish the movie without details.

Katie L (ag) wrote: not as good as other mgm musicals but stil worth watching

Greg W (de) wrote: fun and funny rom-com

Brad S (br) wrote: An excellent Film Noir from french master Jean Renoir. Definitely worth checking out!

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